AEDs in Schools

The Fear Hundreds of miles apart, but eerily similar in circumstance, two individuals nearly lost their lives in unrelated incidents while at their educational institutions.  The first, taking place in October of 2015, involved a senior volleyball player in Loganville, Georgia.  In the midst of one of her team’s contests, with no advance warning to bystanders, the young woman simply dropped to the floor.  Immediate … Continue reading AEDs in Schools

Peaches and Cream

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this year’s late winter is an early peach season. Anyone who has ever bitten into the sweet, juicy flesh of a Georgia peach knows that mid-May can’t come soon enough. There’s a reason sayings like “It’s all peaches and cream”, “Everything’s just peachy”, and “Aren’t you just a peach?” exist. Now, we all know the best … Continue reading Peaches and Cream

World No Tobacco Day

Every May 31, the World Health Organization observes and celebrates World No Tobacco Day to shine a spotlight on the dangers of tobacco use. This year, the WHO is calling on countries around the world to embrace plain packaging on tobacco products, which would, among other things, limit the use of packaging as advertising and emphasize health warnings and labels. The WHO has made progress … Continue reading World No Tobacco Day