Valdosta Main Street Returns for Sixth Annual Farm Days

It’s about that time: The weather is near perfection in South Georgia, and Valdosta Main Street is primed to kick off its sixth-annual run of the Valdosta Farm Days event in the local courthouse square. “The market strives to present a diverse balance of fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats, dairy, plants, baked goods, and other food-based goods,” said Missy Smith, Program Coordinator for Valdosta Main Street.  … Continue reading Valdosta Main Street Returns for Sixth Annual Farm Days

Sierra’s Story: Stay Encouraged

In the summer of 2010, 27-year-old Valdosta native Sierra Fillmore fell ill.  The cause of the illness was unknown at the time, but it was severe enough for her to be taken to South Georgia Medical Center. “My mom took me to the emergency room,” Sierra recalled.  “They ended up admitting me.  I was hospitalized for three weeks.” Still uncertain of the cause of the … Continue reading Sierra’s Story: Stay Encouraged

National Military Appreciation Month

In 1999, the United States Congress voted in favor of creating National Military Appreciation Month, a celebration every May of the men and women who serve and have served in our country’s armed forces. May was chosen as the designated month due to the number of pre-existing military-related holidays that occur in its 31-day span. The most well-known of those holidays, Memorial Day, wraps up … Continue reading National Military Appreciation Month

Top 5 Things to Look for in Wedding Venues

Imagine: You’re walking through a park at sunset or eating dinner at a swanky restaurant or surrounded by friends and family at a barbeque. The love of your life gets down on one knee and offers to love and cherish you until the end of time. You cry, say yes, and a beautiful diamond slides into place on your left hand. You celebrate with your … Continue reading Top 5 Things to Look for in Wedding Venues

A Night of Hope

Since 2002, the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia has been actively fighting to lower the area’s high cancer rates as well as the impact that the illness has on local residents.  Engaging in 32 counties, the Coalition is dedicated to cancer education, research, outreach, and service, with particular focus on prevention, screenings and early detection. On March 24, 2016, the Coalition hosted the Second Annual Night … Continue reading A Night of Hope