The Life and Times of a Gymnast

I flip. I jump. Sometimes I fly. What am I? A gymnast. By definition a gymnast is a person trained in exercises developing or displaying physical agility and coordination. So how long did they train? How did they start? Well, some gymnasts’ stories begin as early as 2 years old, at least that’s what Amy Van Deusen of ThoughtCo. says. According to Deusen, gymnastics classes … Continue reading The Life and Times of a Gymnast

Fitness Accessories to Keep You Cool

Summer is among us, which means staying cool and hydrated is a must. Here in South Georgia we know all too well how hot and humid it can get. We pray for breezes that seem to be just nonexistent, so we have to figure out ways to remain cool and keep our bodies hydrated. Here are five fitness accessories that will help you when the … Continue reading Fitness Accessories to Keep You Cool

Don’t Jump Yet!

Whether for a quick swim before bedtime or lounging the day away, water safety at the pool is an important precaution you should take, regardless of age or intended activities. When you’re ready to hit the water, it can be tempting to disregard possible safety hazards. The American Red Cross reports that around 200 children drown in backyard swimming pools each year, and, sadly, this … Continue reading Don’t Jump Yet!

Keep It Moving During Pregnancy

Exercising while pregnant is great for the health of the mother: It has a tendency to reduce strain on the body when it is time to actually give birth, helps to keep weight down during pregnancy, and dramatically reduces stress levels. While it is an amazing idea to stay active while being pregnant, it can also be tedious for the mother the further along she … Continue reading Keep It Moving During Pregnancy