Loving One Another: The DiTomasso Family

Faith. Family. Athletics. When it comes to the DiTomasso family, those three words have shaped who they are as a unit.  This wonderful family of four consists of Christina (mother), Mike (father), and their two children, Dominic and Jayden. Each member of the family is active, participating in sports and fitness.  As one can imagine, their lives are busy balancing work, wrestling, cheer, yoga, church … Continue reading Loving One Another: The DiTomasso Family

Top Items Every Beginner Should Have in Their Gym Bag

Some days, getting ready for the gym can be a mental workout itself. After a long day of work, school, traveling, or even relaxation; going to the gym at times doesn’t sound like the move. But we must remember that goals need to be met and that body needs to be in tip-top shape.  As the aged British mantra says, “Proper planning and preparation prevent … Continue reading Top Items Every Beginner Should Have in Their Gym Bag

Connection in Progress

Mindfulness is focusing on the awareness of present moments while acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and body. It is meant to be a type of therapeutic technique like meditation. The key is to start doing tasks more mindfully. Think of why you are feeling this way or doing something a certain way. You can do this with just about anything. People tend to do … Continue reading Connection in Progress

Athlete Turned Dietitian: Neil White

Growing up, all Neil White knew was sports and physical activities. Having the opportunity to play soccer, baseball, and run cross country and track, it’s not surprising that he grew up to take an interest in dietetics and is on his way to becoming a certified dietician. White was born in China and was then adopted by a loving family at the age of seven … Continue reading Athlete Turned Dietitian: Neil White