Don’t Be Intimidated To Go To The Gym

Signing up for a gym membership, which is a long-term commitment, is not an easy choice to make. While it’s completely normal to feel self-conscience about our bodies from time to time, the gym should be one of those places to help improve that feeling. A common issue is the intimidation you feel when entering the workout area. Not only do the machines look complicated, … Continue reading Don’t Be Intimidated To Go To The Gym

Be Prepared To Protect Yourself

Let’s be honest: Most of us aren’t equipped with Chuck Norris’s close combat fighting skills. However, if put in any situation where our lives are threatened, it’s safe to say that a little knowledge of self-defense would come in handy. We’ve all heard the phrase “keep your hands to yourself” throughout the years, and many of us are pretty good at incorporating that in our … Continue reading Be Prepared To Protect Yourself

Can Love Affect Your Waistline?

When living the single life, everything is about your daily schedule, free time, and goals. Also, it is completely acceptable to seclude yourself at home with a bowl of cereal and the newest “Grey’s Anatomy” episode with zero judgment. It’s all relatively smooth sailing until you find that one person that turns your world upside-down in the best possible way. Before you know it, you’re … Continue reading Can Love Affect Your Waistline?

Using Yoga to Heal Body and Mind

The practice of yoga and meditation can be traced back as far as fifth- and sixth-century BCE. It is commonly used for physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. According to Heath Line Newsletter, one study showed that after 10 weeks of practicing yoga and meditation, participants experienced lower levels of anxiety and depression. Yoga also improves heart health, promotes sleep quality, improves balance and flexibility, and … Continue reading Using Yoga to Heal Body and Mind

How to Be Body Positive

A huge factor to a healthy well-being and attitude toward life is body image. It may be what we first see in the mirror, but it doesn’t start there. Positive and negative body image begins in the mind and can be more than just what you like or dislike about yourself. Body image can affect you emotionally, mentally, and physically. The images seen on social … Continue reading How to Be Body Positive