Regular Exercise Can Help Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Living with arthritis, pain and stiffness from inflammation of the joints, can be uncomfortable and disruptive of everyday life. There are several ways to help soothe the symptoms, one of which that can be most effective is regular exercise. Extensive exercise is not necessary. However, a lack of it can create more stress on the joints because the muscles become weakened. Therefore, maintaining strength and … Continue reading Regular Exercise Can Help Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Leap of Faith: From Lowes to Body Works

Kelsey Allen and Jamel Watkins had it made. They were Operations Supervisors with Lowes Home Improvement Distribution Center in Valdosta, and they had been with the company for several years while making a good living. Both Allen and Watkins made working out and staying in shape a part of their lives outside of the workplace. In addition to keeping themselves in shape, they both were … Continue reading Leap of Faith: From Lowes to Body Works

Recover Like an OLYMPIAN

Being an Olympic athlete is essentially training to be a superhuman. Their athleticism is a cut above the rest—and for a good reason, seeing as they are competing to be the best in the world. They must push their bodies beyond unthinkable limits daily to achieve that. With that in mind, it can be easy to forget that, like regular athletes, their bodies need time … Continue reading Recover Like an OLYMPIAN

More Than a Headache

To see Maria Lane Wells is to see a picture of health. A lifelong fitness nut, Wells has worked out daily since she was 18 years old. If the gym door was open, Wells was walking through it. She not only worked out for her benefit but spent a great deal of her adult life as a personal trainer to others. If there was ever … Continue reading More Than a Headache

How Diabetes Got Him Back in the Swing of Things

Kevin Bush was always active in athletics. He played both organized and back yard football and baseball with friends growing up in Thomasville and, ultimately, in high school for the Bulldogs. As a junior, he led the region in receiving yards for the Bulldogs. Once out of high school, his love for sports remained, and Bush turned to softball and golf. While Bush remained active, … Continue reading How Diabetes Got Him Back in the Swing of Things