Alcohol Misuse Leads to Dependence

So what if you have two or three drinks at dinner with friends? You’re just being social. Oh, that one time you got blackout drunk at a party? You just like to have a good time. You’ve had a drink after dinner every night this week? You’ve just been super stressed lately from work/school/your relationship and need it to unwind so you can sleep. These … Continue reading Alcohol Misuse Leads to Dependence

Seeing the Impact

Whether it concerns the application of the latest medical therapies or anticipating the outcome of surgical procedures, many physicians have to wait weeks or even months to see the results of their treatment plans. Dr. Albert González at Eye Associates of South Georgia gets to see the impact of his work almost immediately, and it’s his favorite part of the job. “I love eye surgery … Continue reading Seeing the Impact

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Aerial Adventures

Erika Bennett has never been one to back down from new and at times challenging experiences. So, when she made a trip down to Tampa, Florida, to visit her family, one of her family members invited her to try aerial yoga for the first time. Though she did not have previous experience with any kind of yoga, Bennett figured that it would still be a … Continue reading Aerial Adventures

Stembridge Helping Patients Succeed With Bariatric Surgery

Dr. William D. Stembridge, 33, of Moultrie, Georgia, who has been on the Sterling Center Bariatrics team for only a few months, has become a general and bariatric surgeon in a community he already knows well. After researching with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta after college, he chose to go to medical school to further his interest in and appreciation for … Continue reading Stembridge Helping Patients Succeed With Bariatric Surgery