Is Seed Cycling Worth the Effort?

Recently, a new trend called seed cycling has been creeping out of the woodwork. The practice is being praised by naturopaths and wellness influencers who claim that seed cycling has many benefits. Seed cycling involves ingesting seeds to control and regulate hormones throughout the menstrual cycle. The intended goal is to reduce menstrual symptoms such as cramping and bloating by eating a variety of seeds … Continue reading Is Seed Cycling Worth the Effort?

Breathe Easy

Exercise and asthma may seem incompatible, and it is true that asthma may become triggered by physical activity. However, if used in the proper manner, exercise can improve the symptoms of asthma. Think of exercise as rehabilitation for the lungs; in order to help strengthen your internal muscles, continuous repetition is needed. Asthma is a respiratory condition caused by mucus within the lung’s airways. This … Continue reading Breathe Easy

Male Birth Control Options on the Rise

Contraception has long been the burden of women. From intrauterine devices to the pill, the options available to women are varied, but each carries potential risks and side effects. Men, on the other hand, have limited choices when it comes to limiting their reproductive potential. Currently, male birth control options include condoms or vasectomy. While condoms provide an effective barrier against sexually transmitted diseases, they … Continue reading Male Birth Control Options on the Rise

Two Locations, One Dentistry

For almost two decades, Advanced Dental Care has provided Valdosta, Georgia, with some of the best dental service around. They pride themselves on maintaining the health and aesthetics of families within South Georgia. With a great business comes a greater responsibility to provide services to their community; ADC recently decided to expand their business and open an additional practice. The Advanced Dental Care team is … Continue reading Two Locations, One Dentistry

Colquitt Regional Is Investing in the Long-Term Health of Employees

Health care is expensive, especially when it comes to life-saving surgeries for patients suffering the effects of obesity. Colquitt Regional Medical Center in Moultrie, Georgia, is making bariatric-related surgeries more affordable for its employees as a long-term investment Colquitt Regional has promoted the long-term health of its employees since 2012, when it hired its first Director of Corporate Health, who promotes healthy lifestyles through exercise … Continue reading Colquitt Regional Is Investing in the Long-Term Health of Employees