Breast Cancer Survivor :  Now Cheering People On

Whitney Robinson is a loving wife, mom, friend, teacher and servant of God. She has dedicated 25 years to educating elementary students and takes pride teaching in her community. Robinson is also a cheer mom turned coach for Lowndes High School, something that brings her great joy.   In 2019, Robinson received the most shocking news from her doctor: breast cancer. She explained how it was … Continue reading Breast Cancer Survivor :  Now Cheering People On

Loving One Another: The DiTomasso Family

Faith. Family. Athletics. When it comes to the DiTomasso family, those three words have shaped who they are as a unit.  This wonderful family of four consists of Christina (mother), Mike (father), and their two children, Dominic and Jayden. Each member of the family is active, participating in sports and fitness.  As one can imagine, their lives are busy balancing work, wrestling, cheer, yoga, church … Continue reading Loving One Another: The DiTomasso Family

Importance of Community

Feeling connected in society can have the most positive effects on mental health. It gives a person a sense of belonging, the feeling of having a purpose, and the support for when times are hard. Belonging Being able to identify yourself within a group gets rid of that lonely feeling. When you can be your true self and feel accepted by them, it will cause … Continue reading Importance of Community

Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August represents Breastfeed Awareness Month, a campaign funded to help empower women to commit to breastfeeding and celebrate the nurturers who do.  Breast milk is made for babies and is especially important for babies that are born with special medical and developmental needs. Loaded with nutrition, breastmilk is made of over 200 components of healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates, antibodies, vitamins, and more.  Whether by pumping, … Continue reading Breastfeeding Awareness Month