Why Am I Always Tired?

Feeling fatigue? Here’s why and how to combat it. Feeling occasionally run-down or tired is a typical consequence in everyday life, but what if it is more than that? Fatigue can often be confused with sleepiness, but is actually quite different. Instead of feeling drowsy, there is a lack of motivation and zero energy. While this doesn’t necessarily warrant a cause for concern right away, … Continue reading Why Am I Always Tired?

Modern Measles

In 2000, the World Health Organization declared that measles had been eliminated in the United States. In 2019, the country is watching as the once eradicated disease makes its resurgence. The reason? A decrease in the number of people vaccinated against measles. As a result, new cases of the highly contagious disease have been cropping up all over the map. What Is Measles? The contagious … Continue reading Modern Measles


According to a recent study that pulled data from the CDC, Georgia ranks third in the nation for HIV risk. It also has one of the highest numbers of new HIV cases in the country. Georgia is not unique among southern states, however. Nearly all the states that rank top 10 in HIV risk are located in the south. Statistics show that the disease disproportionally … Continue reading HIGH RATES OF HIV IN GEORGIA

High Maternal Mortality Rates in Rural Georgia

In 2017, Georgia had the second-highest maternal mortality rate in the U.S., with 48.4 deaths per 100,000 births, according to a data study from USA Today. The state is also one of the poorest, with poverty disproportionally affecting black and minority communities.Rural communities have significantly higher maternal death rates compared to urban areas. Many rural towns don’t have hospitals equipped to receive women in labor … Continue reading High Maternal Mortality Rates in Rural Georgia