Mental Health as a Creative

When offering perspectives on the downfall of unsung artists and creatives who abandoned their passions for long periods of time, the public is usually told that drugs or mental illness caused these people such difficulties. However, while drug users are usually revered and respected for admitting to their problems, many will shun and shame those who admit to having a mental illness outside of depression … Continue reading Mental Health as a Creative

Act It Out: Drama Therapy

Some life experiences are too difficult or painful to address solely with verbal dialogue. Dramatic arts use metaphor to convey emotion, which has led to the development of a practice now known as drama therapy, more formally referred to as psychodrama. Drama therapy is defined by The North American Drama Therapy Association as “an active, experiential approach to facilitating change. Through storytelling, projective play, purposeful … Continue reading Act It Out: Drama Therapy

Benefits of Art

Think of any movie you’re ever seen in which the main characters are exploring a city. They inevitably end up walking down a street or through a park and passing dozens of musicians, painters, portrait artists, and dancers, people who spend hours, whether as a living or for fun, performing and creating. These people who dedicate their lives to art are obviously passionate about their … Continue reading Benefits of Art

Thomasville’s Victorian Winter Wonderland

Twinkling lights. Horse-drawn carriages. Roasted chestnuts. Community sing-alongs. Live ice sculpting. Costumed stilt walkers. Downtown Thomasville turns into a magical, late 1800s winter wonderland during its annual Victorian Christmas Festival every December. The festival began in 1986 as a way for Thomasville shop owners and merchants to show off their wares and the downtown area. This year the Victorian Christmas Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary, … Continue reading Thomasville’s Victorian Winter Wonderland