Bringing Your Vision Into Focus

It’s easy to take your eyesight for granted or feel like you don’t have any control over your eye health—you either have good eyesight, or you don’t, right? Although to a certain degree eye function is genetic, you can still make a difference in your own eye health. By taking care of your eyes, and paying attention to any changes in vision, you can catch … Continue reading Bringing Your Vision Into Focus

Making Smiles Last a Lifetime with Adel Dentistry 

Dr. Michael McCartney will be celebrating 30 years of dentistry next year. His family practice of 25 years, is located in South Georgia (Adel). Growing up, McCartney loved learning about science and knew he would either end up in the medical field or dentistry because of his desire to help people. Growing up in Rutherford, New Jersey, he had a great relationship with his orthodontist … Continue reading Making Smiles Last a Lifetime with Adel Dentistry 

Tips on Staying Positive

Being happy comes in many different forms. We all achieve this feeling in different ways, which makes each person different and amazing to learn from. Happiness, however, is not always easily found in our everyday lives. We have to learn to train the human mind to actively seek healthier ways to seek a more positive lifestyle. There are thousands of ways to stay positive, but … Continue reading Tips on Staying Positive

Dr. Ben Hogan Talks New Services Being Offered

Dr. Ben Hogan opened his practice in 2001, specializing in family and sports medicine. Raised in Valdosta, Hogan played quarterback for the Valdosta Wildcats, which led to a football scholarship to play for the University of South Carolina. Hogan always had the desire to help people. His mother worked in the Valdosta school system and his father owned a pharmacy in the area for several … Continue reading Dr. Ben Hogan Talks New Services Being Offered