Business Brings Healthier Drink Options to Valdosta Area

Dezmon Gray and Terence Boyd had a dream to bring a healthier option to Valdosta, Georgia. While that dream took five years, two failed startups, and a lot of motivation to complete, they were finally able to open Talk of the Town Nutrition, a place that offers healthier drink options in their teas, shakes, and enhancers. Gray and Boyd said that it was hard to … Continue reading Business Brings Healthier Drink Options to Valdosta Area

Making the World More Accessible

Suddenly becoming paralyzed requires a strong will to adapt to new limitations. Not only is the body immobilized, but patients must learn how to perform everyday task differently. Wheelchairs, for instance, are meant to provide more mobility, but it’s often still not enough to go back to life as it was before. Ben Huntzinger, 33, of Cairo, Georgia, is a T4 paraplegic who knows all … Continue reading Making the World More Accessible

Blindspots in Cancer Funding

Funding For High-Profile Cancers Every year in October, Breast Cancer Awareness month succeeds in raising millions of dollars to fund research and awareness programs for this devastating cancer that affects 12 percent of women in the United States alone. Men, too, are affected by the disease, and more than 2,000 American men are expected to be diagnosed with the invasive cancer in 2019. Thankfully, extensive … Continue reading Blindspots in Cancer Funding

Cyclical Depression and Barriers to Treatment

For many, depression feels like a constant sadness, gnawing away at fleeting moments of happiness in life, an ever-present melancholy always there in the background. Depression, however, doesn’t necessarily present in such a predictable way in every person. For some, depression manifests in cycles. The waves of sadness come and go on repeat, sometimes in noticeable patterns, other times in random bursts. For those with … Continue reading Cyclical Depression and Barriers to Treatment

The Physical Manifestation of Stress

We all experience stress at one time or another. Whether it’s work deadlines or family disharmony causing your cortisol levels to rise, stress can have a real effect on your mind and body. Stress manifests as a result of everyday annoyances (e.g. being stuck in a traffic jam) but can also be the result of instances of trauma (e.g. divorce or a death in the … Continue reading The Physical Manifestation of Stress