Neurosurgeon Enhances Access to Care in South Georgia

“It’s not brain surgery,” joked Dr. Kimberly Mackey during an interview at South Georgia Medical Center. But, actually, it is… Dr. Mackey is a double-board certified neurosurgeon in adult and pediatric neurosurgery who joined the medical staff of SGMC this month. With intentions of becoming a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mackey attended medical school at the University of Chicago. However, it was a neurosurgeon she met … Continue reading Neurosurgeon Enhances Access to Care in South Georgia

Is Holistic Medicine Legit?

Our bodies sometimes fail and react in unpredictable ways to the world around us. Whether it’s hardwired into our genes or the result of pathogens and foreign invaders, illness can be difficult to deal with. Diagnosis can be terrifying when faced with potentially life-altering and life-threatening conditions. Should treatment be confined to conventional medicine, or is there something better available? What is holistic medicine? Holistic … Continue reading Is Holistic Medicine Legit?

The Future of Healthcare Is Telemedicine

Getting to the doctor’s office isn’t an easy feat for everyone. A variety of barriers to access can impede a person’s ability to access in-person medical care — including a pandemic. Thankfully, telemedicine is on the rise, and doctors across the nation are bringing remote services to patients unable to access the traditional clinic setting. Telemedicine is especially promising for improving access to care for … Continue reading The Future of Healthcare Is Telemedicine

A Fighter to the End

Debbie Durham was known around the Moultrie community as a loving mother and wife. According to those who were lucky enough to be around her, she could “sing like an angel.” In fact, Debbie and David “Bull” Durham met almost 30 years ago when he was the minister of music for a local church and needed a piano player for an upcoming revival. She was … Continue reading A Fighter to the End

Coping With an Empty Nest

Every parent wants nothing more than see their child grow up and become independent. However, when your last child has finally left the house, there can be a host of mixed emotions. Some parents are relieved to finally have the house to themselves and have one less mouth to feed. Others feel an intense sadness at the departure of their child. This sadness is known … Continue reading Coping With an Empty Nest