A Fighter to the End

Debbie Durham was known around the Moultrie community as a loving mother and wife. According to those who were lucky enough to be around her, she could “sing like an angel.” In fact, Debbie and David “Bull” Durham met almost 30 years ago when he was the minister of music for a local church and needed a piano player for an upcoming revival. She was … Continue reading A Fighter to the End

Coping With an Empty Nest

Every parent wants nothing more than see their child grow up and become independent. However, when your last child has finally left the house, there can be a host of mixed emotions. Some parents are relieved to finally have the house to themselves and have one less mouth to feed. Others feel an intense sadness at the departure of their child. This sadness is known … Continue reading Coping With an Empty Nest

Proud to Be a QUITTER

Jody Benson of Tifton, Georgia, remembers it like it was yesterday: the day she took her first drag of a cigarette. “I began smoking when I was 16 years old,” Benson said. Like many smokers, Benson said she started out smoking because of the crowd she hung around. “I had some really good friends growing up, but they were all smokers, every one of them,” … Continue reading Proud to Be a QUITTER

Mental Health Task Force Launched by the University System of Georgia

Across college campuses, students are experiencing mental health issues dueto anxiety and stress. This can range anywhere from the pressure of high academicperformance, exposure to discrimination or violence or dealing with an assault. College students often seek help from the counseling center, but what if thatisn’t enough? According to Marty Swanbrow Becker, associate professor at Florida State University, on The Conversation, colleges should focus on … Continue reading Mental Health Task Force Launched by the University System of Georgia

Why Am I Always Tired?

Feeling fatigue? Here’s why and how to combat it. Feeling occasionally run-down or tired is a typical consequence in everyday life, but what if it is more than that? Fatigue can often be confused with sleepiness, but is actually quite different. Instead of feeling drowsy, there is a lack of motivation and zero energy. While this doesn’t necessarily warrant a cause for concern right away, … Continue reading Why Am I Always Tired?