Who We Are


Welcome to the new look of Health Life Magazine! As we continued to enhance our vision and image of what exactly a healthy life looks like, we found ourselves wanting more. More content, more categories, more opportunity for people to define for themselves what constitutes a healthy, happy life.

Physical health is a key component to happiness and contentment in one’s life; feel good physically, feel better mentally. But living Health Life, as we like to say, isn’t just about being strong, maintaining a balanced diet, and preventing illness; it’s about mental health. Beyond the body lies the mind and the soul, which are far more complex than even the extraordinarily intricate machinery that is our bodies.

Mental health is about finding what brings you, as an individual, peace and joy. Our relationships, our hobbies, our communities, our passions; there is no single method of enhancing the quality of life for you and those around you.

At Health Life Magazine we want to highlight the beautiful tapestry of lifestyles and cultures that ultimately make our local communities what they are. Relationships, fitness, fashion, food, art, love, beauty, events, sports, outdoors, pets, home décor, health, holidays, and more: endless possibilities to tell the stories of the people, organizations, and businesses in South Georgia.