Rewriting Resolutions — Mental

Most of us spend our lives completely consumed with work and everyday errands. To be happy is to be free, so why don’t we free our schedule to implement liberating and healthy habits? 2019 is a new year, and new times call for a rejuvenated regimen, just like that fresh, out-of-the-shower feeling. Only you have the power to make yourself happy, so here are some … Continue reading Rewriting Resolutions — Mental

Compliments Are Gifts for the Soul

Have you ever gotten a compliment from a stranger and blood rushed to your cheeks while your heart simultaneously did a little happy dance, shifting your whole day toward pure bliss? If not, then let me give you one right now: You are gorgeous! Compliments from your significant other or friends are nice, and compliments from your parents are kind of blah at this point … Continue reading Compliments Are Gifts for the Soul