Trip to the Top

Chad Persing doesn’t just move mountains. He climbs them. And one of the tallest peaks in America is no exception. On July 25, he loaded a 51-pound backpack behind him and headed into a challenge much bigger than his usual trails of North Georgia, which grew to be some 2,000 miles away. After approximately 15 hours and 11 miles of hiking, Persing stood next to … Continue reading Trip to the Top

Hiking 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Extreme Trekking

Walking is already everyone’s go-to exercise, but if you take it a long step further, it becomes something known as hiking. To many, hiking is defined as climbing tall mountains like the Rocky Mountains or Mount Everest, but in truth, hiking can be a simple walk through the countryside. According to Raftrek, hiking started out as a way for survival and hunting but evolved into … Continue reading Hiking 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Extreme Trekking