Fighting to Stay Together

There’s an old saying: Families that break bread together are families that stay together. The Spells family doesn’t only believe in breaking bread together; they actually break boards together. That’s one of the many techniques the Spells family has picked up while learning taekwondo together. Will and Jessica Spells are the owners of S and S Automotive and Diesel of Valdosta, Georgia, and they — … Continue reading Fighting to Stay Together

The Five-Hit Combo to Mental and Physical Fitness

From the old school kung fu fighting movies to modern day action movies, martial arts are everywhere. You might be driving to get groceries and stop at a stoplight only to see the words “karate” or “taekwondo” on a sign for the plaza across the street. You’ll see it but may never go in and always wonder if you could learn to fight like your … Continue reading The Five-Hit Combo to Mental and Physical Fitness