Living with Bipolar Disorder

Years ago, I had an acquaintance who, for the purposes of this article, I’ll call Rob. He was a bright guy, a hard-working engineer with a sharp mind and a thirst for adventure. When he got interested in a topic or excited about a recreational pursuit, he went after it with a no-holds-barred intensity.  One summer, Rob took up whitewater rafting. From his suburban Atlanta … Continue reading Living with Bipolar Disorder

The Power of Yes

The Power of Yes. The word ‘yes’ is used in most people’s vocabulary on daily basis, but most people don’t realize how much power that three-letter word really has.  As humans, we’re creatures of habit. For different reasons, we develop the same schedules every day. Whether it’s a daily schedule, eating the same foods or watching the same tv shows. We tend to get in … Continue reading The Power of Yes

The Power of No

When most people think of the word “no”, they immediately associate it with something negative. According to, it’s likely that we are unaware of the surge of strength we draw from No because, in part, it is easily confused with negativity. Either can involve a turning away, a shake of the head, or a firm refusal. But they are distinctly different psychological states. But … Continue reading The Power of No