2016 Olympics

This year the Olympic Games are the topic of conversation heading into Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With 50 days to go, the Games should bring the fifth largest country plenty of business and more attention than ever before in history. It is difficult to decide if the publicity is a positive or negative for the nation at this point. The country is encountering constant problems as the Olympics are getting closer. Aside from their economic struggles, Brazil has developed some political problems, they may be impeaching their president soon and many of their top tier politicians are tied to a massive economic scandal in the country. Brazil also shares borders with about 10 other countries that could be an entry for terrorist and of course the Zika virus.

The Olympics should still host some stellar events despite the many problems the country is facing at this point. Here are 5 things to look forward to heading into the Rio 2016 Olympics…

Michael Phelps

Some consider Michael Phelps the greatest Olympian of all time with his 22 medals in three Olympiads. He is the all-time leader in Olympic gold medals with 18, he has 11 gold in individual events and 13 gold medals in individual male events. Phelps only weakness seems to be when he is not inside the pool. Most known is his DUI that resulted in him being suspended for six months by USA swimming and having to stay in rehab for 45 total days. Phelps is looking to impress the world even more in these Olympics, he has been training in Arizona and he might look better than ever before.

Usain Bolt

This year’s Olympics may be the last for the fastest sprinter ever timed. The guy that has a name synonymous with his speed, the incredible Usain Bolt. Bolt is known for his records in the 100 and 200 meters along with his 4×100 relay team. He is gearing up in Rio this year for likely his last stand in the Games. He is getting older in age and is running slower as time goes by, so maybe he can pull out one more great performance to end on a good note.

Simone Biles

Of course, everyone knows Gabby Douglas, the current 20-year-old female who took the world by storm in the last Olympics. Simone Biles is receiving the hype as the next female to dominant Gymnastics in this year’s Olympics. Biles is 19 years old and is taking part her first Olympic games this year. She may be the next gymnast to win the all-around gold so fans of the sport should be on the lookout.

USA Basketball

With Olympic sports like basketball, the final roster is not determined until right before they start Olympic play. Earlier this year, 30 finalists were chosen to vie for a spot on this year’s team. Since, then some key players have decided not to participate. The most recent ones to drop out are Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. The team will also be missing players like Anthony Davis and Chris Paul. Many fans are focused if LeBron James chooses to play or not. Also this is the final year Coach K will be leading the USA basketball team before giving the reigns to Gregg Popovich. Ever since taking over after 2004, it has been all gold everything for the basketball team and Coach K is expected to go out with a bang.

Golf is back

The last gold medalist in golf is a name most people may not remember. His name was George Lyon, he won that honor in 1904. Golf has surprisingly been absent from the Olympics for about 112 years and its finally making its return. According to Top End Sports, Golf is the eighth most popular sport in the world, reeling in like 450 million fans. It is surprising golf has not made its return to the Olympics sooner with its colossal fan base. Therefore it is no doubt golf is a sport to be on the lookout for in Rio.

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