Ice Cream Month

Ice cream is one of the most appetizing desserts in the country but do people actually know ice cream. Did you know that ice cream is a mixture of cream/milk, sugar, and eggs churned to create a frozen product? Or did you know that ice cream was discovered in the 17th century France? How about July being the National month for the scrumptious dessert? Ice cream has many facts people feel are irrelevant, but we enjoy it anyway. So let’s take this time out to recognize the many classic and unique flavors we have discovered over the years.


  • Of course this flavor is mentioned if ice cream is discussed. It is the most classic and is the top selling in the market, occupying about 33 percent of the sales.


  • This flavor is in second when it comes to sales, but what many may not know is that this exquisite treat was created before vanilla flavor.


  • Might as well complete the trio with the third most popular ice cream in the nation. This treat has a rich pink coloring and actually has strawberries in some forms of it.

Cookies ‘n’ Cream

  • This is a personal favorite, claims to its creation dates back to the mid-late 1900s. Just know if you do not live alone, this ice cream probably will not last too long in your freezer.


  • Lobster ice cream is no doubt one of the unique flavors. It is sold Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Maine and Massachusetts. It is made with cooked lobster meat, butter and folded into ice cream.


  • How much more down to earth can ice cream get? It is sold at Max and Mina’s in Queens, NY. This flavor is actually made with cream and edible grass.

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