Food Enthusiasts Get their Fill with a “Taste of Thomasville”

Tourists have various reasons for their chosen destinations, but one of the arguably greatest aspects of traveling to a new place is the opportunity to partake in the customs of that area.  The way of life may be different, and it is the embracing of different cultures and ideas that makes travel so enjoyable.

In South Georgia, it is almost an unwritten fact that the selection of food is second-to-none.  Options range from delicious barbecue to fresh seafood, and they even include some of the best desserts around.

In order to showcase what makes the South great, Debra Smith, along with various businesses in Thomasville, Georgia, has put together what is known as the Taste of Thomasville Food Tour.  Since March 2013, Debra has guided hungry stomachs and minds on a memorable trip through the best eateries in town.

“We normally max out at 10 or 11 visitors per tour,” Debra says.  “Because or TripAdvisor and word of mouth, our tours reach a great amount of people.  Approximately 75 to 80 percent of our customers come from outside of Thomasville.”

Participants meet at a predetermined location, typically in downtown Thomasville, and embark on a three-hour tour that is guaranteed to leave their stomachs full and their taste buds pleased.

Along the way, customers are treated to a delicious meal that is jam-packed with variety.  The tour (which includes enough to provide a full lunch) treats participants to seafood, pizza, and crab cakes, among other dishes.

“All of the stops are excellent,” Debra says.  “I love the restaurants, and the customers agree.  The dessert is always one of the most pleasant stops; Marie’s Kakes serves butter cookies that are made in the shape of the state of Georgia.”

Perhaps the best part of the tour (aside from the food, of course) is the ample opportunity given to participants to engage with the owners of these locations.  It is during this time that the owners are able to answer questions and share their own stories about what makes Thomasville the ideal spot for their business to thrive.

“It’s so much more than just food,” Debra says.  “What makes the tour so special is that it also serves as a history lesson.  Any one that takes the tour is treated to the rich history of Thomasville.”

Public tours are given on Fridays and Saturdays, and private tours are given on Wednesdays and Thursdays as well.  Anyone interested in taking part in a Taste of Thomasville Tour can purchase tickets online at or on Facebook at

Taste of Thomasville (Lunch Tour) Stops

  • Jonah’s
  • Sweetgrass Dairy Cheese Shop
  • Truly Scrumptious Catering by Michael Mann
  • George & Louie’s
  • Moonspin
  • Marie’s Kakes

Taste of Thomasville “After Hours” (Supper Tour) Stops

  • Liam’s
  • Moonspin
  • Jim Creek Wine Tasting Room
  • The Plaza
  • Bacchus Wine Bar

**Night tours are only offered on Thursdays (currently)
**5-Star rating on TripAdvisor

Health-Life/November 2015

Thomasville, Georgia

By James Washington

Photos courtesy of Tastes of Thomasville

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