Thompson Farms: “From Our Farm to Your Table”

In the 1930s, Raymond Thompson began farming with his father in Brooks County.  Their goal was simple: they wanted to harvest their own produce for their surrounding areas.

Andrew Thompson has kept the family practice alive and well, establishing Thompson Farms in order to continue what his father and grandfather started over seven decades ago.

At Thompson Farms, the products are all-natural.  Growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics are not allowed, and there are no animal by-products in the feed that is used.  Their hogs are free range and pasture raised, and there are no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or chemical herbicides allowed in the pastures where the animals graze.

Pork products are not the only option at Thompson Farms.  Customers can also purchase delicious jams and preserves, sauces and syrups, and mixes that can be used to make biscuits and pancakes at home.

Though the names may change, the tradition remains the same.  Thompson Farms operates with one goal in mind.  Providing customers with all-natural pork with a superior flavor is their top priority.

For more information, or to order any of the terrific products that Thompson Farms offers, visit their website at, or give them a call at (866) 463-9218.

Health-Life/November 2015

Thompson Farms

Dixie, Georgia

By James Washington

Photography courtesy of

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