Let’s Get Physical – Improving Your Relationship with Exercise

Lets face it, on a day to day basis our lives are very busy. We have things to do.  Going to work, getting kids ready for school ,laundry, PTA meetings, baseball games and that just names a few. So, how do we find the time to connect with our spouse or significant other in a meaningful way? For my husband and I, the answer has been exercising together.

Physical activity or the lack thereof has been found to have a direct effect on our mood. Mood also affects how we deal with everything in our environment, which includes everything from work to home, and even how we treat our pets. So, it stands to reason that exercise can improve relationships with your spouse in similar ways.

Exercise is a common activity that can be done together on a regular basis. When you workout together, it can be a whole different way of relating to one another. There are many ways to include exercise in your daily routine. An older couple that I train at Kinderlou walk on a regular basis. Bike riding, hiking and swimming can also be beneficial.

According to one fit couple in their late forties and early fifties, Steve and Tricia Novakoski, the one hour a day they spend working out together definitely helps improve their relationship. ” It is our quality time during our training session,” says Tricia, an ER registered nurse from Panama City Beach, Florida.  She adds, ” It is also our talk time, where we talk about anything and everything. It is a time where we are actually touching and have hands on, ( so to speak ) it give us a sense of intimacy. When you are healthy, you feel more attractive and confident and you are not afraid to be seen by your spouse with your clothes off. It can improve your sexual health and body image with your spouse.” According to Steve, a  Sales Manager for Audioquest, training with his wife Tricia also helps him relieve stress. He says, ” Through exercise, I relieve stress and when I do that, it brings an overall improvement to the relationship. It gets rid of the negative energy and helps me to bring that positive energy home and to my wife.”

Studies show that exercising together is great for mental as well as physical stimulation. Couples are supporting one another and working towards a common goal. It releases endorphins, the body’s natural morphine and helps reduce depression, stress and more.

Jim and I have found that it works for us by making exercise our “date time.” We set aside Friday night for our workout date. Working out allows us to focus on each other , relieve stress, talk and improve our health. I find that I so look forward to that quality time with him.  According to Jim, “Pumping some iron, then having a delicious and healthy meal with my wife is a great way to spend an evening.”

Here are some of the top reasons doing physical activity with your spouse will improve you relationship.

1. Great way to support and encourage each other.

2. Gives you Quality time.

3. Many health benefits.

4. Elevates mood

5. Improves sexual health and body image

So get busy and plan that special exercise outing for you and your significant other and see what it can do for your relationship!!  GET OUT THERE AND GET PHYSICAL!

Written by Maria Wells

Photography courtesy of www.deseretnews.com

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