Stripped Waxing Salon

Applying wax to the body to remove excess body hair isn’t an unheard phenomenon these days. Because of this, there is the question of what kind of wax? In case you aren’t comfortable applying wax to yourself, there’s the other question: Who am I going to let apply wax to my body? The first answer that should come to mind is Stripped Waxing Salon.

Before deciding to visit Stripped Waxing Salon, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Hot wax may have been the trend before, but hard (dry wax), is the new trend. It’s out with the old and in with the new…with some benefits added in, too.

Benefits of hard wax as:

  • Attaches to hair, not skin
  • Less painful
  • Better for sensitive skin
  • Great for all skin types
  • Less redness and irritation (redness won’t be as noticeable in comparison to hot wax)
  • Areas can be waxed over more than once (get area cleaner without removing skin)
  • More hygienic
  • Used on all sensitive areas (facial waxing, Brazilian/Bikini and underarms)

Did I mention that you can get waxed on your lunch break and return back to work and nobody will notice a thing? The best benefit of them all! You will feel better and look better! Hot wax-0; Dry wax- 1.

So why Stripped Waxing Salon? Well, why not? They specialize in waxing and provide other services such as pedicures and manicures. In addition, Stripped Waxing Salon

  • Has hospital grade sanitation on beds and all implements
  • Has licensed estheticians/cosmetologist (nail technician not certified for waxing)
  • Educates the client on home care
  • Free panties with every Brazilian service
  • Only place in Valdosta that specializes in waxing
  • Voted Best of South Georgia Waxing Salon
  • Full consultation with every appointment (reassuring nothing contraindicates waxing ie medication, facial products, or medical conditions)
  • Want every client to get the best service possible
  • Won’t perform waxing, if it’s not beneficial to the client

Hard waxing may be the trend right now; although, Stripped Waxing Salon was voted the Best South Georgia Waxing Salon AND dry wax is a better approach to removing body hair. This trend won’t be going anywhere anytime soon; The benefits out weight the costs. Plus, going to the Stripped Waxing Salon is a win-win situation! You can’t lose!

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