Positivity: How it Affects Your Mental & Physical Health

Everyone speaks of positivity these days with the infamous saying “Good vibes only.” This statement translates in layman’s terms to leave all negativity behind. Positive attitudes tend to be contagious, and that is what everyone seeks. A positive attitude is great for your mental and physical health, especially since the suicide rate has steadily increased over the past several years.

Mental and physical health are affected by internal positive thoughts and attitudes and also by the positivity of the individuals people choose to surround themselves with. It is said that the benefits of a positive mental attitude are reflected in quantity and quality of life. Your physical health will reap the benefits of your positive attitude because if you continue to practice positivity you will not have time to throw yourself a pity party if something negative happens.

8 Ways to Enhance Your Mental Health

1. Take 10 slow, deep breathes.
2. Jog in place, move.
3. Create a daily goal.
4. Notice positive things around you.
5. Acknowledge the bad.
6. Color or draw.
7. Practice identifying your thoughts.
8. Do at least one thing you love each day.

Written By: Hillary D. Griffin

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