Impacts of Hunger in South Georgia

Hunger and poverty are health problems throughout the U.S. Those who are less fortunate may depend on donations to get them from day to day. This holiday season, consider the lives that are affected by these unfortunate circumstances and think about donating to a local organization today.

According to Second Harvest of South Georgia, one in four people of all ages do not know when or where their next meal will be. One in three of those people will be children living in homes where food is a struggle to have enough of every day.

Hunger is a health, educational and economic problem everywhere. The effects of it can be immediate or a long-lasting lack of nutrition. It also affects childhood development and our regional economy when plaguing the body with hunger.
More specifically, childhood hunger cost the people of South Georgia over $400 million per year. $542 is paid by US citizens annually based on the impact of health problems, educational delays and loss of income over time.

Fundraisers provide people from the community the opportunity to help families in need. During the holiday season, that need becomes even greater. Every family deserves to celebrate the holidays with food in their stomachs and joy to share with their loved ones. Finding out when and where a local fundraiser is taking place can give someone the opportunity to provide families the gift of a good holiday too.

Second Harvest of South Georgia provides one of those fundraisers that can save a family from going to bed hungry on the holidays. Thanksgiving for Thousands was a fundraiser hosted by Second Harvest of South Georgia and ensured that local families had food for Thanksgiving from your donations.

For only five dollars, a box containing 20 pounds of food went to a family and fed them for approximately one week. Boxes were distributed at Valdosta High School and continued until the supplies ran out. Sponsorships came from individuals in the community, families, churches and even local businesses. Coming together like this to help those in need proves how much impact one community can have for several families.

Fundraisers like this one are the prime example of how important it is to give back to the less fortunate. Especially during the holiday season, fundraisers are in even more high demand. It should be a no brainer when it comes to giving others the opportunity to have a great holiday meal. Although it is a season for giving, it should be something to remember to do throughout the year.

Second Harvest of South Georgia is one of the many organizations that provides a way for people seeking to help to donate however they wish. People can choose to donate once, monthly or even give a tribute to honor someone in the community in need. Whether it’s donating a little or a lot, anything given can go a long way and change a family’s holiday for the better.

Their message is clear, for every dollar they receive can distribute four pounds of food to others in the community. Every donator can help them continue to distribute more than 1.5 million pounds of food per month by choosing one of the donate options provided on their website.

This holiday season, while you enjoy time spent with friends and family around the table, think of those who may not have that luxury. Donating to any organization or food bank can change another family’s holiday for the better, and provide them with the opportunity to not have to worry about where their next meal will come from. Donate now, and give the gift of a full belly to someone in need.

Best food items to donate:
– Meal kits
– Baking mixes that only require water (pancake, muffin)
– Canned soups and pasta meals
– Canned meat, fruits
– Fresh produce
– Allergy friendly food options
– Juice boxes

Written by: Alex Dunn

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