My Bread and Buttercups: The Health Benefits of Sending a Bouquet of Flowers

You wake up in the morning and reluctantly slide out of bed to get ready for the day. You walk in the kitchen only to find a bouquet of flowers left just for you on the kitchen counter with a message saying, “Have a great day, beautiful.” A smile grows across your face, and your anxious mind becomes relieved, at least according to Dr. Adam Simon on Push Doctor.

Many benefits come from receiving a bouquet of flowers, ranging from brightening a room to helping you sleep. Flowers can also help with your mood, depending on their colors. According to Simon, humans associate colors with different moods. Blue and green can be calming and comforting, while red can mean love.

On the other hand, blue and red can be perceived negatively. Blue has a secondary meaning that may invoke sadness, while red can invoke feelings of anger or danger.
Yellow, however, has a positive meaning through and through. It’s generally coupled with sunshine and happiness.

The memory of when you received flowers can make you happy throughout the day, according to Flower Fox. The same goes for the receiver as well.

According to Simon, research has shown flowers help make people more productive. No matter where you are, flowers can make a room visually more attractive and allow certain colors to promote different ideas. For instance, white promotes cleanliness and purity, while blue promotes creativity.

Flowers in the office or home have the added bonus of giving us fresh air. Since plants consume the carbon dioxide we exhale, they release fresh oxygen in the air.

Flowers also encourage wellness when around those who are sick. According to Flower Fox, studies show improvements in diagnostic measures of blood pressure and heart rate. Research also shows that patients take less pain medication and have less anxiety when flowers are in their rooms.

Never forget that men can receive flowers as well. The benefits of receiving a bouquet of flowers aren’t gender-exclusive. If you’re feeling down, don’t wait for someone else to give you flowers. Treat yourself because only you know what you truly want.
Wondering where you can get a beautiful arrangement of flowers for a loved one or yourself? Look no further than Nature’s Splendor in Valdosta, Georgia. There you can find the perfect gift of flowers for that special someone.

Written by: Bryce Ethridge

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