Doctors Bent on Helping You Bend Down

Trev Simmons describes himself as one of the lucky ones who decided to turn his life around and have the gastric sleeve procedure at the Sterling Center in Moultrie, Georgia. Not only did he decide to make the change, but his wife did it right along with him.

Simmons is a sales professional at Robert Hutson Ford Lincoln, Inc. in Moultrie. He explained that he decided it was time to make a change when he crossed paths with a customer who also experienced weight issues and lost about 100 pounds in a year after having the surgery.

“Little did I know God had sent him looking for me,” Simmons said. “As I showed him a few trucks, I discovered that he had weight trouble in the past and said he had a pontoon boat and truck, but got too overweight to enjoy them. As we went on a test drive, he shared more of his story, and it sounded like my life coming from a complete stranger.”

The customer gave Simmons the contact information for the doctor that performed his surgery.

Simmons immediately called when he got home. The doctor recommended Simmons contact Sterling Center Bariatrics.

Simmons said he chose to have his surgery there not only because of the recommendation but because he wanted to support his local doctors and medical center.

He explained some of the process he and his wife went through leading up to the surgery.

“We went through a step-by-step diet plan three to four weeks before surgery to reduce fluid and shrink our livers, and they explained the importance of it all,” he said. “We met with a psychiatrist to mentally prepare us for this, too.”

Simmons said he had many worries before the surgery took place. He was still doubtful he was doing the right thing and worried something would go wrong with him or his wife. Ultimately, he wondered if it would even work.

“I watched several YouTube movies on the actual surgery, six hours to be exact, and I was more at ease,” he said.

Finally, Simmons and his wife underwent successful surgeries earlier this year. His recovery, however, went a little better than his wife’s.

“Recovery was extremely good for me, but a little more difficult for my wife since she was diabetic,” Sim- mons said. “We found that some meds that she was on made her sick early on in the journey, but we got it taken care of. Since then, we have been great. I went in on a Friday and was released the next day at around 3 p.m. I rested all day Sunday, then I was driving on Monday. I chose to stay out of work for six working days until the staples were removed, and then I went back to work.”

Some of the common changes Simmons experienced were loss of hunger and being more energized. “I had to remind myself to take it easy and not over- do it,” he said. “Long term has been constantly learning and educating myself on food values and types of choices that work for me.”

When Simmons’ journey started in February, he was 416 pounds. By October, he had shed nearly half that weight to 268 pounds. His wife, Shanna, started at 313 pounds in March of this year and was down to 223 pounds by October.

“I advise anyone that has battled with weight as I have to not hesitate any longer,” he said. “It was the easiest thing I have ever done. I feel free.”

He finished by remembering the fateful day that forever changed his life.

“There are people that we cross paths with every day that God places there for whatever reason,” Simmons said. “He saw fit for that customer to be the guy that saved my and my wife’s and lives. If you are looking for the greatest place on earth to change your life, look no further; go see my team at the Sterling Center for Bariatrics. Choose Colquitt Regional Medical Center for the greatest care provided by a rural hospital. Lean on the doctors that help you lean down.”

Written by: Alex Dunn

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