Rewriting Resolutions — Medical

Most severe health problems within the majority of our society are caused by our lack of knowledge on self-care. It’s sad to say, but many individuals don’t know how to monitor their health issues and aren’t even aware of their problems until it’s too late. Raising awareness on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a consistent basis is crucial when taking your health in … Continue reading Rewriting Resolutions — Medical

Control You Diet, Control Your Blood Pressure

Aging over time is a beautiful experience, but it is solely up to us to adequately fuel our bodies for the long road ahead. It is impossible to live life effectively without maintaining a healthy well-being. There are many angles involved when discussing what exactly affects our overall health, one of which is blood pressure. As we monitor our blood pressure, we must first know … Continue reading Control You Diet, Control Your Blood Pressure

Start Early and Make It Fun

As a kid, brushing your teeth is probably about the least most important thing in your life. As a parent, your child’s dental health is one of your top priority’s as your baby gets older and older. Parents need to monitor dental health right from the time the tooth surface starts showing. And don’t wait until all the teeth have surfaced. Caring for your child’s … Continue reading Start Early and Make It Fun

Surgical Technology: The Backbone of Surgery

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College’s Allied Health programs offer students in the 11 counties they serve the opportunity to join the world of medicine in many unique ways. Students can enter the medical field through dental assisting, medical assisting, nursing – both LPN and RN, or as x-ray technicians through radiological technology and several other programs. One program many do not hear much about is surgical … Continue reading Surgical Technology: The Backbone of Surgery

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Rising Above Hardships

From a young age, Adam Setser was a daredevil through and through. No matter how dangerous or hard the task, he was immediately drawn to it and had to try it at least once. To say he was an active person growing up would be an understatement. When Setser started high school, he got into cycling, which he devoted all his time and energy to. … Continue reading Rising Above Hardships