Does Screen Time Affect Children’s Development?

Over the past century, the presence of screens in everyday life has rapidly increased. Only 9% of American households had televisions in 1950. By 1978, that jumped to 98%. Later, computer ownership followed a similar upward trajectory. In 1984, only about 8% of American homes contained a computer. By 2016, that number was over 89%. The smartphone is the latest screen with skyrocketing ownership. In … Continue reading Does Screen Time Affect Children’s Development?

Colquitt Regional Medical Center’s Response to COVID-19

It’s been months since the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic caused everything to shut down. Moving forward to the second half of the year, numbers are still rising, people are still being affected, and one question still remains: When will things in our country go back to normal? During these strange and unpredictable times, cit- izens look to the medical community for answers and … Continue reading Colquitt Regional Medical Center’s Response to COVID-19

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Mommy Makeovers, Botox & More

Dr. Sonya Merriman is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the leader of Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta. She has been a plastic surgeon for 28 years and has no plan to slow down anytime soon. Being inspired to focus on plastic surgery during a rotation procedure during her general surgery residency, Merriman realized her passion to help improve her patients’ lives whether it’s through reconstructive … Continue reading Mommy Makeovers, Botox & More

Social Media’s Effect on the Psyche

Social media gained widespread popularity with MySpace in the mid-2000s. Now, nearly 80% of Americans are active on at least one social media platform, according to Pew Research Center. When social media first began, no one knew how it would affect users. As social media has majorly expanded over the past decade and a half, we’ve all essentially been part of a real-time experiment. Experts … Continue reading Social Media’s Effect on the Psyche

The Mental Health Era

Several stigmas are associated with mental health and attending therapy. There’s the stereotype that if you’re going to therapy, you must be crazy. Or your pride might have you thinking you don’t need any help from anyone and can fix it on your own. Denial might make you think you’re fine and that nothing is wrong. But have you ever given therapy a chance? Why … Continue reading The Mental Health Era