Keep Calm and Plant a Garden

As an outdoor activity, gardening allows you to get some exercise and sweat. Any physical movement is good for your body, and because gardening mostly takes place outside, your body is able to absorb the vitamin D that it needs. Cortisol is the hormone associated with stress, and stress is a huge health risk. Chronically elevated cortisol levels have been linked to everything from immune … Continue reading Keep Calm and Plant a Garden

Colquitt Regional Offers Safe Deliveries Through VBACs

Colquitt Regional has emphasized its commitment to superior women’s healthcare in recent years with the renovation of its Labor and Delivery Unit and building a state-of-the-art outpatient women’s clinic. In addition to improved facilities, they are also offering women expanded options for their birthing experience. Vaginal birth after cesarean section, also known as VBAC, is one of the unique practices available at Colquitt Regional that … Continue reading Colquitt Regional Offers Safe Deliveries Through VBACs

Is ADHD Overdiagnosed?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder often diagnosed in children that can continue into adulthood. Diagnostic criteria for ADHD are outlined by the American Psychiatric Association. Like the name of the disorder says, people with ADHD generally have trouble paying attention for extended periods of time and can become hyperactive. People with ADHD might have trouble listening, following instructions, organizing tasks and items, … Continue reading Is ADHD Overdiagnosed?

Aloe Vera Tea Made for More Than Sipping

Aloe vera tea comes from the sap of an aloe plant, which grows in warm environments, and can be used to treat a wide range of things from a sunburn to digestive problems. Many people combine the sap of this tea with another base tea, such as black, oolong, or green tea. Prepared Aloe vera tea is also occasionally sold in health food stores by … Continue reading Aloe Vera Tea Made for More Than Sipping

Impressive Innovations at Thacker Dermatology

At Thacker Dermatology, we are always working to bring the latest and greatest technology and products to South Georgia and the surrounding areas. We introduced the EmSculpt in our practice almost one year ago, which is the first FDA-cleared energy device approved to burn fat and build muscle mass, and have had great success treating patients’ abdomens and buttocks. At the end of September, our … Continue reading Impressive Innovations at Thacker Dermatology