American Top Team

A MMA & BJJ Culture The everyday person often associates Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as being a man’s barbaric sport with well-known UFC fighters like Connor McGregor, but everyday women, men and children all over the world are part of the culture of MMA.  Mixed Martial Arts combines different forms of training including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), kickboxing, grappling, boxing and wrestling. It has become a … Continue reading American Top Team

Athlete Spotlight

Dominic DiTomasso When you talk about top wrestling athletes in South Georgia, senior Dominic DiTomasso must be mentioned as one of the best. He has proven to be a great athlete with his skills, work ethic and determination. He has worked so hard throughout the years of his wrestling journey, that he has recently achieved a great accomplishment: being the first high school wrestler from … Continue reading Athlete Spotlight

Mediterranean Diet + Recipes

Written by: Domonique Whitehurst What is the Mediterranean Diet?Discovered around the 1950s, the Mediterranean diet’s purpose is to provide sustainable nutrients for the heart. During this time heart disease in Mediterranean countries was significantly lower when compared to the United States. On setting this heart-healthy eating plan. The Mediterranean diet is based on the eating styles of countries like Greece, Italy, and others that surround … Continue reading Mediterranean Diet + Recipes