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Mommy Makeovers, Botox & More

Dr. Sonya Merriman is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the leader of Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta. She has been a plastic surgeon for 28 years and has no plan to slow down anytime soon. Being inspired to focus on plastic surgery during a rotation procedure during her general surgery residency, Merriman realized her passion to help improve her patients’ lives whether it’s through reconstructive … Continue reading Mommy Makeovers, Botox & More

What to Expect When Getting a COVID-19 Test

After months of COVID-19 outbreaks across the United States, the virus doesn’t look like it will disappear any time soon. Anyone who experiences symptoms or might have come into contact with an infected person should get tested.Testing for COVID-19 is an important part of preventing it from spreading further. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who have COVID-19 need to completely … Continue reading What to Expect When Getting a COVID-19 Test

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

According to The Free Dictionary, the phrase “to walk a mile in my shoes” is “to consider or understand another person’s perspectives, experiences, or motivations before making a judgment about them.” As a drug and alcohol counselor, Travis Hall can certainly put his patients at ease as he explains that he has indeed been where they’ve been. Hall works as a drug and alcohol counselor … Continue reading Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Putting Your Best Face Forward: Keeping Maskne Away

With school starting, kids and adults alike are including masks on their back-to-school shopping lists. While masks are perfectly safe for folks over 2 years of age, even for all-day wear, proper cleaning and care is essential to prevent annoying skin irritation. These helpful tips will help keep you protected and looking your best. Start with a clean face. Your face should be clean and … Continue reading Putting Your Best Face Forward: Keeping Maskne Away

Is Caffeine Healthy?

For many people, caffeine is what wakes them up in the morning and keeps them going on long, hard days. Whether it’s a luxurious cappuccino or a quick shot of Red Bull, caffeine is an integral part of many people’s lives. But is it healthy? What is Caffeine? Caffeine is the primary psychoactive ingredient in coffee. It’s found in over 60 different plant sources, including: … Continue reading Is Caffeine Healthy?