How and Why to Develop Core Strength

What is Core Strength?  Have you overheard the term “core strength” being tossed around the gym while you count the miles on that treadmill or climb imaginary hills on the StairMaster?  Some people think having good core strength means having those highly defined stomach muscles — often referred to as “six-pack abs” — or being able to deadlift 500 pounds. But core strength isn’t about … Continue reading How and Why to Develop Core Strength

Tips on Staying Positive

Being happy comes in many different forms. We all achieve this feeling in different ways, which makes each person different and amazing to learn from. Happiness, however, is not always easily found in our everyday lives. We have to learn to train the human mind to actively seek healthier ways to seek a more positive lifestyle. There are thousands of ways to stay positive, but … Continue reading Tips on Staying Positive

The Benefits of Staying Physically Fit

Being physically fit is important to living a healthy life, both mentally and physically. Regularly including exercise into your daily plan can improve your overall quality of life, as there are long term and short-term benefits to physical activity.  By partaking in a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day, you can do so much good for your body. One of the most … Continue reading The Benefits of Staying Physically Fit

Shake Up Your Veggie Sides

When we think of vegetables our minds instantly go to broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes. There are more than a thousand different types of vegetables that have the same or even better nutrients than the ones we usually think of. Vegetables have a huge effect on our physical body. Having a healthy diet that includes vegetables means one reduces the risk of some chronic diseases and … Continue reading Shake Up Your Veggie Sides