Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

According to The Free Dictionary, the phrase “to walk a mile in my shoes” is “to consider or understand another person’s perspectives, experiences, or motivations before making a judgment about them.” As a drug and alcohol counselor, Travis Hall can certainly put his patients at ease as he explains that he has indeed been where they’ve been. Hall works as a drug and alcohol counselor … Continue reading Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Alcohol Misuse Leads to Dependence

So what if you have two or three drinks at dinner with friends? You’re just being social. Oh, that one time you got blackout drunk at a party? You just like to have a good time. You’ve had a drink after dinner every night this week? You’ve just been super stressed lately from work/school/your relationship and need it to unwind so you can sleep. These … Continue reading Alcohol Misuse Leads to Dependence