Colquitt Regional

Say Hello to Dr. Franky Davis & the Mako Surgical Robot Colquitt Regional Medical Center has been providing healthcare services to the citizens of Moultrie since 1939. Since then, they have continued to provide care to their patients through the use of updated technologies that have helped the health system forwadly progress. In addition to having over 100 medical providers and 1,350 employees, Colquitt Regional … Continue reading Colquitt Regional

American Top Team

A MMA & BJJ Culture The everyday person often associates Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as being a man’s barbaric sport with well-known UFC fighters like Connor McGregor, but everyday women, men and children all over the world are part of the culture of MMA.  Mixed Martial Arts combines different forms of training including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), kickboxing, grappling, boxing and wrestling. It has become a … Continue reading American Top Team

Community & Purpose

Rotary Club of Moultrie Have you heard of Rotary? Probably. The organization is a common household name, but what exactly is Rotary ? I’m glad you asked! I had an enlightening conversation with Anna Ford, the current president of the Rotary Club of Moultrie, and I want to tell you all about it!  Did you know Rotary is an International Organization? Of course, it started … Continue reading Community & Purpose

American Red Cross

National Blood Donor Month National Blood Donor Month has been celebrated in January every year since it’s proclamation on December 31, 1969. The month of January suffers a blood shortage due to winter colds and flus, while many blood drives in the northern part of the country get snowed out due to winter storms. This month helps highlight the importance of donating blood to meet … Continue reading American Red Cross

Athlete Spotlight

Dominic DiTomasso When you talk about top wrestling athletes in South Georgia, senior Dominic DiTomasso must be mentioned as one of the best. He has proven to be a great athlete with his skills, work ethic and determination. He has worked so hard throughout the years of his wrestling journey, that he has recently achieved a great accomplishment: being the first high school wrestler from … Continue reading Athlete Spotlight