How Diabetes Got Him Back in the Swing of Things

Kevin Bush was always active in athletics. He played both organized and back yard football and baseball with friends growing up in Thomasville and, ultimately, in high school for the Bulldogs. As a junior, he led the region in receiving yards for the Bulldogs. Once out of high school, his love for sports remained, and Bush turned to softball and golf. While Bush remained active, … Continue reading How Diabetes Got Him Back in the Swing of Things

Rewriting Resolutions — Nutritional

Popular new year resolutions usually center on bettering our bodies inside and out. An important factor in that aspect is what we eat and drink. It not only affects weight, but body image, mental health, and overall self-confidence. A nutritional resolution can be a fun and easy way to bring on the new year. Not only will you achieve weight/dietary goals, trying different foods and … Continue reading Rewriting Resolutions — Nutritional