Blue Christmas

When the seasons change and daylight star ts fading away earlier each evening, it is not uncommon to feel different. However, when the changes in the seasons drastically affect mood and how a person goes about their daily lif e, that person may be str uggling with aform of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Read more about Symptoms and Treatment of Seasonal … Continue reading Blue Christmas

The Power of No

When most people think of the word “no”, they immediately associate it with something negative. According to, it’s likely that we are unaware of the surge of strength we draw from No because, in part, it is easily confused with negativity. Either can involve a turning away, a shake of the head, or a firm refusal. But they are distinctly different psychological states. But … Continue reading The Power of No

Reading for Mental Health?

Whether you know it or not, there are people around you that suffer from depression, mental illness or even thoughts of suicide. There are several factors that go into a person feeling sad. With the pandemic alone, we saw firsthand how it affected our loved ones, and for many, ourselves. Other causes of depression include, but not limited to: age, major events, death or loss, … Continue reading Reading for Mental Health?

It Might Be OCD

We’re all human. Generally, everyone has fears, anxieties, and worries every now and then. It’s a part of life to be concerned with day-to-day situations such as health, family, and simply surviving. Even having occasional disruptive thoughts can be common for the average individual within society. However, imagine having these same internal experiences on an entirely different level, to the point that everyday life is … Continue reading It Might Be OCD

Rewriting Resolutions — Mental

Most of us spend our lives completely consumed with work and everyday errands. To be happy is to be free, so why don’t we free our schedule to implement liberating and healthy habits? 2019 is a new year, and new times call for a rejuvenated regimen, just like that fresh, out-of-the-shower feeling. Only you have the power to make yourself happy, so here are some … Continue reading Rewriting Resolutions — Mental