Bladder Health

The Urological Clinic of Valdosta We know November to be the month of Thanksgiving. A time where you get the family together and spend quality time eating…and shopping. It’s the month that you start to crave pumpkin or pecan pie, hot pumpkin spice lattes and break out holiday music early. But November is also the month to observe National Bladder Awareness. When was the last … Continue reading Bladder Health

Reading for Mental Health?

Whether you know it or not, there are people around you that suffer from depression, mental illness or even thoughts of suicide. There are several factors that go into a person feeling sad. With the pandemic alone, we saw firsthand how it affected our loved ones, and for many, ourselves. Other causes of depression include, but not limited to: age, major events, death or loss, … Continue reading Reading for Mental Health?

Continuing the Fight: The Gaskins

“Needless to say of course I was emotional because I had one path that I was going down and abruptly it was cut off,” – Stacie Gaskins Imagine one week preparing yourself for a “mommy makeover” surgery. You’re going throughout your week excited and ready for your snap back after giving birth to a precious baby almost four years prior. The day before your surgery … Continue reading Continuing the Fight: The Gaskins

Big Ron Jones

Physical fitness and health are so important, but many people don’t know where to begin when it comes to exercise and healthy eating. Personal trainers are extremely helpful at navigating these concepts, motivating a person to be better, and helping clients reach their personal goals. From growing up playing sports to becoming a personal trainer with hundreds of thousands of followers, Big Ron Jones is … Continue reading Big Ron Jones

The Family That Prays and Plays Together

They say the family that prays together stays together. In the case of the Harden family, you can say the family that prays together and plays together stays together. However you describe this South Georgia renaissance family, you can count on faith, fitness, and education also playing a key role. Sam and Clark Harden met at Valdosta State University, where she was working toward a … Continue reading The Family That Prays and Plays Together