4 Common Pool Myths Exposed

Picture this childhood memory: It’s a perfect, hot summer day, and you’ve just come inside for lunch after swimming all morning. After devouring your favorite meal — a nice PB&J with a bag of chips — you’re ready to continue sharpening your cannonball technique. Your mom always said you have to wait at least 30 minutes before swimming after you eat. Moms are always right, … Continue reading 4 Common Pool Myths Exposed

Hospice of South Georgia

Hospice Home-Care Team      Hospice care came to Valdosta in 1987 when a small group of volunteers developed a passion and vision to bring comfort and dignity to life’s final journey. These individuals began this endeavor inside a janitor’s closet down in the basement of the hospital. As the good word of hospice spread through the community, Hospice of South Georgia blossomed to become … Continue reading Hospice of South Georgia


It is rare to find someone who does not enjoy a cup of coffee in some form: iced, black, blended with flavored syrups, and even specialty coffee blends. A new coffee trend claims to boost mental power, suppress cravings, and increase your metabolism. Bulletproof coffee, also known as butter coffee, was created by Dave Aspey, an entrepreneur from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The coffee was an … Continue reading BULLETPROOF COFFEE ON THE RISE

Bringing you over 30 years of better backyards

We’ve been providing service, supplies and accessories for pools/spas and backyards for 30 years. We carry and service Dimension One Spas, the top rated hydro-therapy spa. We carry a wide range of outdoor accessories like patio/lawn furniture and grills from companies like Seaside Casual & Big Green Egg. We carry a complete line of pool and spa chemicals for any situation that might arise.   … Continue reading Bringing you over 30 years of better backyards

The Benefits of Grilling

With summer coming to a close, you want to soak up all the vitamin C you can while lounging by the pool. But wait, something’s missing. The smell of the grill cooking. You don’t want another hamburger or hot dog, though, because the summer body you worked hard for is aching for something fresh and clean to recharge. That’s why it’s time to dust off … Continue reading The Benefits of Grilling