Know the Basics: Autoimmune Disorders

What is an autoimmune disorder? An autoimmune disorder happens when your immune system goes awry and mistakes your body for an intruder. Proper functioning of the immune system ensures that bacteria and other invaders are fought off. With an autoimmune disorder, your body has trouble telling the difference between the stuff that’s part of your body and the stuff that isn’t. In an effort to … Continue reading Know the Basics: Autoimmune Disorders

Name That Headache

Headaches can range from minor midday annoyances to debilitating, all-day affairs. And no two headaches are ever exactly the same. Some are dull, throbbing, and slow to come on, while others are sharp, shooting, and occur suddenly. Being able to accurately describe the quality of your headache pain, as well as the location, intensity, frequency, and duration, goes a long way toward helping figure out … Continue reading Name That Headache