Vereen’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Is Game-Changer for Healing Wounds

Since opening its doors in 2013, Vereen Rehabilitation Center has offered a variety of treatment options to patients. Along with providing one-on-one care and helping patients feel stronger and more confident, Vereen has a wide range of therapy treatments that utilizes the best technological advancements to bring modern healthcare to the Southwest Georgia region. Vereen offers an array of services including physical, occupational, speech, aquatic … Continue reading Vereen’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Is Game-Changer for Healing Wounds

It Might Be OCD

We’re all human. Generally, everyone has fears, anxieties, and worries every now and then. It’s a part of life to be concerned with day-to-day situations such as health, family, and simply surviving. Even having occasional disruptive thoughts can be common for the average individual within society. However, imagine having these same internal experiences on an entirely different level, to the point that everyday life is … Continue reading It Might Be OCD

Fitness Is Therapy for Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

Faith, family, and fitness are the priorities that Jacinta Howell, 34, lives by. With being a CrossFit enthusiast, full-time mother and wife, and a sexual assault victim advocate at Moody Air Force Base, those priorities help her cope with the daily responsibilities of a full schedule. Howell has lived in Valdosta, Georgia, for the last 25 years. She has been married to her husband, Kenneth, … Continue reading Fitness Is Therapy for Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

Chickens For Seniors

    Therapy animals, also known as emotional support animals, can help improve a patient’s social, emotional, and mental function. Individuals often find comfort in these animals when they are unable to find comfort in anything or anyone else. Dogs are commonly used as therapy animals because they are easy to train and have great instincts about themselves and their owners. Other animals can be … Continue reading Chickens For Seniors

Alternatives to Traditional Mental Health Services

Treatments are crucial to those who are impacted by mental health, but not everyone has equal access to mental healthcare professionals. Whether they are too far away or the traveling expenses are too much, there are alternative ways to seek help. According to Hannah Nichols of Medical News Today, about 48.3 million adults face mental health conditions in America. However, 9.8 million of those are … Continue reading Alternatives to Traditional Mental Health Services