Living with Bipolar Disorder

Years ago, I had an acquaintance who, for the purposes of this article, I’ll call Rob. He was a bright guy, a hard-working engineer with a sharp mind and a thirst for adventure. When he got interested in a topic or excited about a recreational pursuit, he went after it with a no-holds-barred intensity.  One summer, Rob took up whitewater rafting. From his suburban Atlanta … Continue reading Living with Bipolar Disorder

Children & Therapy

It has become common to discuss mental health among adults, but what about children’s mental health? Just like adults, children experience hardships and can struggle to make sense of things on their own. When children have problems, they cannot handle on their own, therapy can help because it can give them a safe place to voice their feelings and build new skills that will enable … Continue reading Children & Therapy

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

According to The Free Dictionary, the phrase “to walk a mile in my shoes” is “to consider or understand another person’s perspectives, experiences, or motivations before making a judgment about them.” As a drug and alcohol counselor, Travis Hall can certainly put his patients at ease as he explains that he has indeed been where they’ve been. Hall works as a drug and alcohol counselor … Continue reading Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Nevro HF10 Therapy: Advanced Treatment for Chronic Nerve Pain

According to the FDA, nearly 20 million people suffer from neuropathic pain. The majority of sufferers have chronic lower back pain. “There’s pain, then there’s nerve pain, and it would put me on the floor,” said Maurice Perkins, who suffered from chronic nerve pain for years. “I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t roll over, and it was pretty much to the point where … Continue reading Nevro HF10 Therapy: Advanced Treatment for Chronic Nerve Pain

Archbold Offers New Therasphere Cancer Treatment

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of Americans who are diagnosed with liver cancer is rising. Approximately 33,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with liver cancer each year, and about 27,000 die from the disease. The American Cancer Society estimates approximately 760 liver cancer deaths in Georgia in 2020.Archbold Memorial Hospital’s Lewis Hall Singletary Oncology Center, in conjunction … Continue reading Archbold Offers New Therasphere Cancer Treatment