Viking Voice Owes Life to Former Wildcat

On any given Friday night during the South Georgia high school football season, as you tune around listening to your favorite high school football team’s broadcast on the radio, chances are you’ve heard the booming voice of Wes James coming through your radio. James has been part of the Lowndes Vikings radio broadcast team, the Viking Voice, for 18 years, calling Viking home and away … Continue reading Viking Voice Owes Life to Former Wildcat

Youth Pastor Prioritizes Fitness

Ross Cook, a youth pastor at Crossroads Baptist Church in Valdosta, Georgia, used to have trouble finding time around his work for his health and fitness. He and his wife, Wendy, decided to start their fitness journey together, which then presented the other issue of finding something that would fit with both of their schedules. CrossFit Winnersville became the solution. Not only did it provide … Continue reading Youth Pastor Prioritizes Fitness