Switch Up Your Workout Routine With Outdoor Exercise

When the sun starts shining and begins to warm up the days, it can be more tempting to perform your exercises outside instead of indoors. The heat and change of scenery can impact your workout routine in a variety of ways. Here are the pros and cons to working out outdoors. Pros: You constantly have a breath of fresh air at your disposal. You can … Continue reading Switch Up Your Workout Routine With Outdoor Exercise

Wellness Programs Benefit Everyone

Happy, healthy employees are more likely to enjoy their jobs and in turn be more productive. Quality of life translates into quality work. Colquitt Regional Medical Center’s employee wellness program was designed to encourage healthy living among employees as a way to decrease risk factors for insurance screenings and help employees achieve an overall healthier lifestyle. Any Colquitt Regional employee can participate in the wellness … Continue reading Wellness Programs Benefit Everyone

Going the Distance

All athletes know that stamina is a key to winning. If you can run farther, push harder, climb higher than your opponent, you’ll win. When others give up, winners keep going. Here are a few tips on how to increase your stamina so that you can conquer your competition or sport of choice. Build Cardio and Strength To build your endurance, you need to increase … Continue reading Going the Distance