Switch Up Your Workout Routine With Outdoor Exercise

When the sun starts shining and begins to warm up the days, it can be more tempting to perform your exercises outside instead of indoors. The heat and change of scenery can impact your workout routine in a variety of ways. Here are the pros and cons to working out outdoors.


You constantly have a breath of fresh air at your disposal.

You can switch up the places you work out at to promote inspiration and fight off boredom.

Bring your furry friend along to give them some fresh air and give you a nice companion.

Working out on different terrains can help strengthen your body more effectively.

Most of these exercises are free, like running, hiking, and swimming.

You have more of a variety in the types of exercise you can do.

You get a free dose of vitamin D when you are outside; just remember to wear sunscreen.


There is a risk of sunburn and bites from bugs.

Because the temperature can be inconsistent outdoors, you will have to worry about the appropriate clothing to wear.

There is a risk of getting lost and overheating if you are outside for too long.

If you get injured, help may not be close by if you are out in the wilderness.

There is a risk of being approached by sketchy strangers and aggressive pets.

It may not be the best option for you if you have severe allergies.

If the weather changes, it may not permit you to work out outside that day.

Now that you know the benefits and faults to working out outdoors, here are some areas that can be perfect for your exercises.

Playgrounds: Although it may seem like the jungle gym is just for kids, you can actually use a lot of the playground area to perform exercise. You can use the monkey bars, steps, and even do bench presses at the picnic tables.

Beach: Nice sandy beaches can provide great resistance training. The loose sand gives a good challenge to the average walker/runner. Try alternating running and walking for different resistance. Plus, you can enjoy the view while you exercise.

Parks: A lot of parks have hiking trails that are free to use. You can go with a friend or your dog. Because trails can be so different, you will have a variety of endurance and strength training from the downhill and uphill challenges.

So, if that fresh air is calling your name on a bright and sunny day, don’t hesitate. Working out outside is a free and healthy way to get your blood pumping and muscles working. Just remember to be careful of any outdoor factors that could negatively impact your workout experience and have fun.

Try These Outdoor Workouts

Stand-up Paddle Boarding: This requires the use of your whole body to stay balanced and in control. It tones your legs, core, and arms. The best part is that it doesn’t seem like a workout because you’re also having fun.

Outdoor Cardio: Bring a towel outside and work with what you have. You can do a variety of long jumps (jump the length of your towel and repeat), squats, pushups, burpees, and mountain climbers.

Fitness Trail: Map out your route, in a park or other, and choose five to 10 workouts you can do during. While running or walking, stop and do your selected workouts (squats, push-ups, burpees, etc.).

Trial Running: The texture and uneven terrain helps your body work harder with each step. This is a more intense and effective workout that can get your blood pumping if you are out in the heat. Plus, it offers a more interesting view while you’re exercising.

Written by: Alex Dunn

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