5 Ways to Make a Woman’s Life Simpler

  • Schedule your week in advance
    • Life gets hectic and it’s better to have things planned than not planned. Try to start planning on Saturday or Sunday, when you’re not too busy. Preferably in your down time, when you’re feeling relaxed.
  • Wind down at least 1 hour to 1 ½ hours before you intend on going to sleep.
    • In this time, wash off all your makeup and take a shower. Do whatever you need to do before you get into your bed and ready to go to sleep.  Putting your phone on vibrate would be ideal for this time of your day.
  • Carry a Satchel instead of a purse.
    • Yes ladies, I know you love your purses. However, it’s more convenient to have a satchel. It’s big enough to where you only have to pack necessities. With a purse, it ends up getting cluttered and messy. Then, you won’t be able to find the things that you need.
  • Keep and extra pair of shoes and a change of clothes in your car
    • Life happens and sometimes you outfit of choice is not suitable for the occasion. This is not to say have your whole wardrobe in your car, have one to two changes of clothes. Clothes that are casual, nothing too spiffy and something you can change into after a long day. Also, a change of shoes such as flip flops or tennis shoes are always optimal in any circumstance.
  • Evaluate your lifestyle and the people around you.
    • This is probably one of the most important aspects of your life that is necessary to assess, occasionally. The people around you affect your lifestyle because more times than not, the people are a part of your lifestyle. You have to ask yourself if the people you surround yourself with help you become a better person or add obstacles.

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