Fashion Tips for Guys

I see it every day, guys walking around with pants around their waist, shirts down to their knees, and gaudy colored lime-green hats like they just rolled out of bed for the first time since 1992. Or the ones that buy the smalls to get that extra slim-fitted look and miss completely. C’mon guys, the world is changing and if you don’t keep up, you’re going to end up dating yourself.

It’s the summer; it’s time to focus on summer trends and fashion tips that will help you year round. Let’s get into it…

  • Buy your size

This is the biggest problem for men. I see people teetering from one extreme to the other too often. Either they go for extra baggy 90’s Allen Iverson, or way too small like Lance Armstrong on the Tour de France. Find the happy medium. If you don’t know your size, ask your mother to help. A little tight to show off your work in the gym is fine, but its summer so it shouldn’t be nippy outside.5tips1


  • White t-shirt

Oh, the infamous white t-shirt; the shirt that can take you from Joe Schmoe to James Dean (not really, calm down). T-shirts are getting out of hand with the crazy colors and designs basically throwing up all over them, so it’s good to take a step back and rock the plain white tee. When worn right, it can give you a boost of confidence to have you feeling like a superstar (if you stain it: wash, donate, and get another one. They aren’t that expensive, Mr. Krabs).5tips2


  • Solid non-white/Stripes/Graphic Tees

Now that you understand the importance of the white t-shirt, it’s time to get jiggy with it (Been on a Will Smith kick lately, just trying to get myself equipped for the Summa, Summa, Summa-time! If you don’t get either of those references, yes, Jaden Smith’s dad used to rap). Solid, non-white t-shirts work for everybody. You should get a variety in multiple colors. It is okay to get t-shirts that have more dimensions and pop than the solid colors too. Thick horizontal bars, your favorite sports team (Baseball tees -3/4 sleeves- also a good idea), or even your favorite superhero logo are all welcome options to break away from the plain solids.5tips3

  • Classic Chino

Can never go wrong with the classic chino shorts. They look good with anything and are dressy enough for date night. Don’t be afraid to step out with some bright colors like a yellow, pink, or blue. Risks are part of the game (you can’t hit a homerun, if you don’t swing the bat). Gingham (not checkerboard), Hound’s Tooth, and even a basic floral pattern is a great way to add some character to your style.5tips4


  • Tips and Add-ons

I’ll be sure to follow up with thought as they come to me but for now here a few tips to spiff up your outfits a bit.

  • Cuff everything but don’t mix cuffs: I like the 50’s era cuffed t-shirts, button-downs, and even baseball tees sometimes. It’s a painless process that can help out your look. Cuffing shorts can be stylish too but don’t get carried away. Pick either your shirt or your shorts.5tips5


  • Wrists: Cam Newton and Chris Hemsworth have shown men can wear more than just a watch. Beads, balls, and straight leather bracelets are great looks to add. Don’t forget about the watch though! A nice time-piece is sure to impress everybody.5tips6


  • Socks: either go loud and crazy or no shows. I think socks are one of my favorite pieces to buy, but in the summer I try to only use them when I’m working out or playing ball with the guys. Other than that, It mostly no-shows to avoid sock tans and add flair to dress clothes.5tips7

Some parting advice: If you read this whole thing, great! If you enjoyed it, great! If you even want to take my advice on this stuff, great! But honestly, who cares what I think? You need to feel comfortable in your clothes because they are a representation of who you are. If want your clothes to be baggy, go for it. If you want them to be slimmer, go for that too. As long as you’re cool with it (and it isn’t exposing your underwear, mid-section, or your arrangement) then that’s all that matters.

By: William DeLorenzo

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