Nail health tends to take the backseat in most people’s lives, but nails can tell a lot about an individual’s health. The key to having strong, shiny, long, and healthy nails is a good nail routine. 1. Healthy Eating The saying is true about healthy eating when it comes to what you put into your body. The cleaner you eat, the better off your entire … Continue reading NAIL CARE 101: 7 TIPS TO SLAY YOUR NATURAL NAILS

Shine Some Light on LED Facials

Typically, when someone thinks of a facial, the first thing that comes to mind is peels, gels, and pricking. Now, there is a new form of skin treatment known as an LED facial. An LED facial, also known as Color Light Therapy, is a skin treatment that uses four clinically proven wavelengths of non-UV rays. The intended result is to boost collagen and treat stubborn … Continue reading Shine Some Light on LED Facials

Don’t Believe Everything You Hair

The internet is the biggest benefactor when it comes to finding quick tips for something, especially hair care. Calling your stylist may be more informative and trustworthy, but they might not pick up. The internet is always there for you — unless your Wi-Fi is out — but how will you know if you can trust it? Below, we’ll take a look at the truth … Continue reading Don’t Believe Everything You Hair

Hop on the Beauty Express With the Charcoal Trend

Beauty trends are constantly filtering in and out of popularity. For the past few years, one of the most popular ones has been using activated charcoal. This took the beauty world by storm because of its unique and successful properties. Romana Emerson and Stephanie Saltzman from Allure said that activated charcoal has increased absorbency by carbon that has been treated. The charcoal trend may sound … Continue reading Hop on the Beauty Express With the Charcoal Trend

Wearable Fitness Accessories

Working out has been completely reinvented. It is 2018 and fitness accessories are becoming more and more of a trend. Don’t work out boringly. Throughout the years brands such as Nike, Apple, Samsung, and more have created different products to assist individuals in their workout endeavors. Here are 7 wearable fitness technology: 1. Fitbit: These are training watches that help track your heart level, calories … Continue reading Wearable Fitness Accessories