Renee Moss: A Triathlete, In and Out of Competition

For those familiar with the triathlon, it is known that the events are twofold.  On one hand, successful competition takes a great deal of preparation, determination, and effort.  On the other, the end results, including personal health and the building of bonds and relationships, cannot be measured by finish times or mileage.


Thomasville resident and 12-year triathlete Renee Moss has taken her love of remaining active to another level in the last few years.  Through the Rose City Tri Club, she connects with runners, swimmers, and cyclists from around the area.  But, also noteworthy to her credit, she is somewhat of a triathlete in her everyday life as well.  She remains extremely busy, whether in competition or in the business world.

The Triathlete

Upon moving to Thomasville, Renee’s husband, Clayton, began to notice two things during his visits to the local YMCA.  One: there was a high concentration of running enthusiasts, and two: there was no established organization in the area to cater to them.

“Clayton is extremely goal-oriented; we both are,” Renee says.  “He came to me one day and said that there needed to be some sort of club to get local triathletes together.  The benefits are endless.  It helps people branch out, it provides safety to run in groups, and you never know who you will meet.”

Established in 2012, the Rose City Tri Club focuses on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through involvement in organized endurance events.  The club strives to provide opportunities for experience advancement for triathletes, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been engaged for years, or you’re simply looking for a group of people with whom you can stay in shape.  Members connect year-round to exchange tips and ideas regarding things such as training, gear, racing, and nutrition.

“We are heading into our fourth full season,” Renee says.  “We ended the 2015 season with 95 active members; included in that total are about a dozen youth members.  Our total numbers are outstanding for this area; there are so many people that are interested in running and getting in shape.  I’m really proud of how everything has come together!”

Since its inception, the club has received sponsorship from numerous businesses, including Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards, Thomasville YMCA, Dash, and many more.  The club hosts get-togethers, including barbecues, raffles, and much more.  Since its inception, the daily duties have fallen more in Renee’s lap (although her husband still helps as necessary); Renee also gives tremendous credit to Lance and Alison Parker, who have stepped up to assist with ad sales and event planning.

“In the past, we have even raffled off Ironman 140.6 and 70.3 entries,” she says.  “Essentially, the package pays for the winner to compete in an Ironman event.  It normally costs around $600, so we make sure to tell all entrants, don’t sign up for the raffle if you don’t intend to enter the competition!”

The Graphic Designer

Aside from running and managing the daily business that comes along with the Rose City Tri Club, Renee has also been a graphic _MG_4563artist since 1998.  Currently, she does freelance work in the Thomasville area.

“It sort of happened by accident,” she says.  “I got my degree in
advertising from University of Florida and worked out of Atlanta for a while.”

While the artistry may have found its way into her life unexpectedly, Renee doesn’t hesitate to express her love for what she does.  She even comments that a great of her work is done at no cost and in the hopes of helping out local businesses.

“A majority of the work that I do currently is geared towards community benefit,” she says.  “I also design all of the gear for the Tri Club.  Having unique attire helps with our identity.  It also helps members feel like they are a part of something bigger; like they are part of a team.”

The Mother

Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Florida, Renee was salutatorian of her graduating high school class, earning an associate’s degree before upon completing high school as well.  After receiving a bachelor’s degree in advertising at the age of 20, she also earned a master’s degree in mass communication.  She eventually relocated to Atlanta, where she met her future husband.

“We’re both athletic,” she says.  “(Clayton) was an athlete in college (at the University of Kentucky).  It was a funny coincidence because we later found out that our families knew each other well, but the two of us had never met.  We even had some mutual friends in the Atlanta area.”

The two were married in 2010 and eventually landed in Thomasville.  Together, they have two children; their daughter, Charlee, will be turning 4 in March, and their son, John Cayman, is 18 months.

“We just want to empower people.  We firmly believe that you can’t be fulfilled without making time for yourself.  Most importantly, we want people to get out there and have fun!” (Renee Moss)

For more information about the Rose City Tri Club, visit the official website of the club at or via email at

Aside from all of the other ventures that keep Renee and her husband busy, the two have also gone into the winery business.  Their property, named Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards (for their daughter, Charlee), is in the process of expanding to include a Thomasville tasting room and much more!

By James Washington

Photography by Micki K Photography

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