Pool Maintenance Tips

Around this time of year, it is nearly impossible not to hear the term swimming in at least one discussion. Plenty of people focus on swimming but how many are actually concerned it what their swimming in? Pools usually contain an abundance of feces, urine, and sometimes even vomit. Showering after swimming is no doubt an effective way to maintain a healthy body but keeping the actual pool itself clean is more imperative. Here are some important tips to ensure that a pool is safe for swimming.

Skim the Pool

  • Hand and leaf skimmers are the long handled nets that are superb for cleaning debris and dead insects out of a pool. Skimming should take place every few days to make sure bacteria does not linger and sink in the pool.

Vacuum Pool and Brush the Barriers

  • Different types of cleaners are used for vacuuming a pool. There are suction side, pressure side, and Robotic pool cleaners. Vacuuming should be done weekly along with brushing the walls and tiles surrounding the pool.

Manage Water Level

  • The water level should be checked every few days and its level should not fall below the skimmers. If it falls below the skimmer’s level, use a garden hose to pump water into the pool. Also never leave a pool empty to long no matter the season so ground forces do not press up against the pool.

Measure pH Level

  • Measure the pH levels of a pool with a testing kit or test strips. A pH scale runs from 0 to 14, if the testing reads 7.2-7.8, it is the ideal level for swimmers.

Ensure there are no Leaks

  • A low water level could be low by way of evaporation or a leak in the pool. To determine if it’s a leak, put the pool at a normal water level, then put the bucket on a pool step, mark the level on the inside of the bucket, shut off the pump and auto fill in the pool. Mark the water level on the outside of the bucket as well, then let the pool resume normal functions. After a day has passed, measure if the water level on the outside mark has went decreased more than the water on the inside. If so, that means there is a leak and a professional must be contacted for maintenance.

Photography courtesy of homesthetics.net

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