Espresso 41: Serious Coffee, Seriously Delicious Food

The team at Espresso 41 take coffee seriously. Very seriously.

In fact, they treat the art of coffee brewing more like a science. Each cup of Espresso 41 coffee starts with beans roasted in small batches to ensure optimum quality. Attention to detail is paramount, especially when it comes to the type of water used (filtered or bottled, not distilled or softened), water temperature (195-205 degrees F), the ratio of coffee to water (one to two tablespoons of coffee grounds per every six ounces of water), coffee grind (too fine leads to a bitter taste, and too course leads to a flat taste), and brew time.

The breakfast and lunch menus are nothing to scoff at either. With heavy hitters like the Butcher – a buttermilk biscuit piled high with patty sausage, maple syrup bacon, habanero cheese, arugula, and Lauri Jo’s pepper jelly – and The 41 Burger – a half-pound burger topped with Habanero cheese, arugula, and tomatoes and served on a sweet bun – it’s no wonder locals are raving about the eatery.

To make matters even better, the coffee house is fair trade certified (meaning it only uses coffee purchased from farmers at a fair price) and uses local, organic ingredients, so customers can feel good about supporting a business that benefits local economies and the environment.

The Tifton-based restaurant is relatively new to the scene, having been founded in 2015, and brings a fresh perspective to customers who may only be familiar with bigger chains. Its founder, Justin Golden, fell in love with the idea of local coffee shops and quality restaurants while working in Nashville, Tennessee, and opened Espresso 41 only six months after making the decision. The restaurant’s décor is best described as a combination of industrial and retro with an emphasis on metal, rust, and wood. In fact, its atmosphere echoes the building’s original purpose: Espresso 41 is housed in a mom-and-pop style service station from the 60s located on Route 41.

They pride themselves on friendly service, great food, and even better coffee.

Espresso 41: Serious Coffee, Seriously Delicious Food

Written by Anna Limoges

September 2016 | Health&Life

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