The HardBody Movement: Moving Beyond the Body

Mind. Body. Soul. It is this complex trinity that provides the three-pillared foundation for human existence, both on the micro and macro levels. The beauty, however, is found in the balance.

“Spiritual, mental, and physical make up one; it makes up you,” explained Taurus Phillips, patriarch of The Hardbody Movement. “All three need to be in shape. It takes work, and nobody is perfect, but that is my vision; to help motivate people in all three areas.”

Comfortably nestled in the small town of Quitman, Georgia, Phillips, who is more commonly referred to as “T-Phill,” has used his knowledge and experience to create a comprehensive movement for all people. This movement, or lifestyle, is all about taking the right steps to becoming the person that you always wanted to be.

And it doesn’t take long to realize how much The HardBody Movement means to its founder. Phillips’ words ooze encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. His big smile and positive outlook on life would make you think life has been a cakewalk and that fitness came naturally and easily… not so much.

It all started for Phillips when he was a young kid. He wasn’t always motivated by fitness, nor did he always have such a holistic outlook. As a youth, he struggled with his weight but refused to settle. He wanted to do more, to be more. Raised in a single parent home, the now father of three reflects on his childhood with nothing less than esteem and gratitude for the strong woman who is his mother. He admires her for the type of mother she was to him.

“She is my number one girl,” Phillips said of his mother. “She speaks life into me. She is my number one fan. I look up to my Mama in the fullest.”

Phillips also acknowledges two men in his life who had an early impact on him. In ninth grade, he talks about his high school football coach, Ryan Branch, who heightened Phillips mindset to do better for himself. Jamie Holmes, who introduced him to lifting weights, immediately put a smile on his face. It’s easy to tell that Phillips never forgets someone who positively impacts his life, and now he wants to be one of those people to others.


“I can relate to someone who is out of shape,” Phillips reminisced. “I know where they are because I’ve been there. I don’t want people to look at me and be intimidated; I want them to know that I haven’t always been this way. I know what you’re going through, so let me help you.”

Phillips, like most, had many hurdles in his life. However, things that were once viewed as an obstacle have been transformed into fuel to motivate “Mr. HardBody.” Time has taught him to notice and appreciate that without those hard moments in his life, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. Without those moments, he would not have made The HardBody Movement.

“The real world is hard, it will bring you down, but you have to be a fighter!” Phillips passionately exclaimed. “Never give up. Give it all you got.”

On top of the training and orchestration of activities, Phillips also created what has become somewhat of an iconic t-shirt in the Quitman community and beyond. When you look at the shirt, it’s an outline of a sculpted upper body. That’s it. There it is, plain and simple. He uses his t-shirts to reach out to people and spread his message. It is a message that is spreading across Georgia and has even reached surrounding states. The next time you’re at the gym, be on the lookout for someone with the HardBody shirt on. Like a wildfire, his word will spread, inspiring and motivating people to be a better and healthier you.

When asked what was next on the agenda for Mr. HardBody, Phillips explained that he is currently working on creating a HardBody Movement fitness regimen so that those looking to get in shape can have a beginner program that will allow them to kick start their journey to sculpting their own HardBody. Alongside that, he plans to continue growing his brand through fitness apparel, an exciting prospect that continues to grow in popularity.

A systematic approach towards health and fitness, a look to match the movement, and a pioneer to lead the way. His infectious personality and passionate positivity is changing lives more and more each day.

When asked how it feels to play a role in changing someone’s life, Phillips answered, “It’s a beautiful feeling to touch someone’s’ life in a positive way, AND it didn’t cost a thing.”

Taurus Phillips is making his mark on the world by putting others before himself and caring for everyone that he encounters. No matter your story, he wants to help, and with The HardBody Movement, people will shape up: spiritually, mentally and physically.

HealthLife|January 2017
The HardBody Movement: Moving Beyond the Body
by Brittany K. Wyche

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