Heroes of Colquitt Regional Home Care Services Bring Health to the Home

During the times in which we find ourselves in a hospital, there is always one clear drive during the stay: just get us back home.

While hospitals provide extensive healthcare through the close proximity of the necessary equipment, expertise, and care, the function of it all is to fulfill the patients’ desires to return to health and return to home.

Sure, we all want to rush back to our beds, our families, and our regular routines, but at times, our ailments don’t stay at the hospital as we head back home. Because of that reality, Colquitt Regional Home Care Services bring that extensive healthcare home with you.

Don’t make a choice between being healthy at the hospital or medically miserable at home; make a choice that fits the needs for your particular condition.

But what are your options for Home Care services? How are they different? And why Colquitt Regional?


Hospice is a special way of caring for people who have a life-limiting illness. Colquitt Regional Hospice embraces the belief that every person has value, deserves respect, and should find life fulfilling and satisfying right up to the last moment. Colquitt Regional Hospice adheres to the philosophy of palliative care, also known as comfort care, which address the physical, social, psychological, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of care as an integrated whole.

Colquitt Regional Hospice serves Colquitt and the surrounding counties: Baker, Berrien, Brooks, Cook, Grady, Lowndes, Mitchell, Tift, Thomas, & Worth.

Home Health:

Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury. Home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as the care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.  A patient is considered homebound when qualifying for home health, however, patients are still eligible to leave home for medical treatment or short, infrequent absences for non-medical reasons, like attending religious services. Colquitt Regional Home Health nurses and aides are committed to the highest standards of our health care profession; providing our patients with safe, effective, and compassionate care at home.

Colquitt Regional Home Health Services are provided in Colquitt and Worth Counties.

Private Duty

Private Duty Home Care Aides assist those needing care on a short-term or long-term basis. Our aides give clients new choices while remaining somewhat independent at home. We also provide respite care for family caregivers. We are a CCSP and Source provider. Many long-term care policies provide coverage for our services. Veterans are eligible for private duty with a referral from their physician.

Colquitt Regional Private Duty Services are provided in Colquitt and Worth Counties.

How is all of this possible? Through the tireless efforts of passionate, expert Home Care professionals.

With the high pressure, high stakes circumstances surrounding their typical day-to-day activities, it isn’t a stretch to see their efforts as heroic.

Not only do these professionals provide medical expertise and care to individuals that need it the most, but they also understand the importance of providing familiarity, comfort, and compassion through it all.

No one understands this better than Alex Shivers, LMSW, a social worker with Colquitt Regional Hospice.

Shivers was presented the Hospital Hero Award by the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) on November 11, 2016. Shivers was one of 10 recipient’s at the association’s Annual Meeting held in Savannah, Georgia.

“These winners represent some of the finest health care professionals in the entire state of Georgia,” said GHA President and CEO Earl Rogers.

Shivers has worked with Colquitt Regional Hospice for over 13 years and is loved by patients and coworkers alike.

“Alex is committed to serving others and overcomes many obstacles to meet the needs or wishes of his patients. He goes above and beyond on a regular basis,” said Colquitt Regional CEO Jim Matney.

Shivers has been praised for his compassionate care before, but being named a GHA Hospital Hero is a prestigious honor only given to 10 people across Georgia each year. As a social worker, Shivers counsels patients and families while they are receiving Hospice services and after the death of a loved one.

“Alex does an exceptional job working with our Hospice families and making sure their needs are met,” says Shana Wertz, Assistant Vice-President for Colquitt Regional Home Care Services.“Alex was nominated for this award because for him, this is much more than a job….and his patients see and appreciate his genuine compassion and heartfelt desire to help.”

However, accepting recognition does not come naturally for Shivers.

“I like helping people, so this is a rewarding job. It’s what Jesus Christ has called us to do,” says Shivers. “I am just an ordinary person blessed with an extraordinary job. At different points in my career I have worked as a social worker for other organizations, but every time I felt drawn back to Hospice.”

“Alex is known for his determination to do whatever it takes to grant his patients wishes,” said Richard Bass, Chairman of the Colquitt Regional Board of Trustees. “He has provided patients and their caregivers with food, furniture, and even fishing trips if they so desire; all without expecting any recognition. He is exceptional and we are very fortunate to have him on our team at Colquitt Regional.”

Yet Alex Shivers is one of many. There are countless heroes in the medical profession, diligently serving their patients with the utmost care and compassion, and Colquitt Regional is full of them.

Enhance your quality of life by receiving the support that you need, and allow Colquitt Regional Home Care Services to empower you with the information and options necessary to make the best medical decisions

Myth: Hospice means that the patient will die soon.

Fact: Hospice does not mean “giving up hope,” but can help people revise what they may hope for. Hospice focuses on maximizing the quality of life based on individual’s choices, so that the person may live life as fully as possible and for as long as possible. The earlier an individual receives hospice care, the more opportunity there is to stabilize your medical condition and address other needs.

Myth: Individuals can only receive hospice for six months; therefore, enrollment should be delayed as long as possible

Fact: Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance pays for hospice care as long as the individual meets the medical criteria, which may result in receiving care longer than six months. Some individuals actually improve and may be discharged from hospice care. They can re-enroll in hospice care when necessary.

Myth: Hospice is only for those with private insurance.

Fact: Hospice serves anyone, regardless of ability to pay. Hospice care is covered under Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans.

Myth: Hospice is just for the patient.

Fact: Hospice provides comfort care to patients, as well as respite, emotional and spiritual support to family members. The quality of life- not only for the patient, but also family members and others who are caregivers- is the highest priority. Bereavement support is offered for at least a year following the death of a loved one.

Hugh B. Ward

Hugh B Ward served on the Hospital Auxiliary Board from 1995- 2014. He became the Chair of the Colquitt Regional Medical Foundation in 2016. Colquitt Regional is blessed to have Hugh B. Ward serve as the Hospital Chaplain, while also providing spiritual support and comfort to Hospice patients and their families based on their unique spiritual needs. In the past, Hugh B. Ward was a founding member of The Children Advocacy Center/Hero House and served on their board for many years. He served as the Reverend Doctor at First Presbyterian Church in Moultrie, GA for 25 Years. Hugh B. Ward is one of the many people you will meet amongst our exceptional Hospice team of Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Aides and Volunteers.

For more information or to view a video highlighting Shivers’ nomination for the GHA Hospital Hero award please visit www.colquittregional.com.

Health Life Magazine / March – April 2017

Colquitt Regional Medical Center

Editorial Spread

Photos provided by Colquitt Regional

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