Get Creative – Changes That Will Make a Difference in Every Room

There are many opportunities in every room to make a statement. One thing I love about living in South Georgia is the style of a rustic farmhouse feel that, to me, never gets old! It is a timeless, simple, and fresh way to spruce up your house. Here are a three ways to use art to give your house a complementary look.

Turn negative space into positive space.

Do you want a new look for a certain room in your house? Are you tired of coming home to an outdated home? Or maybe you just want to make a useless space into a space that makes you smile when you walk through the door. Lets start with a hallway or maybe that walk through area right when you walk in the door.

The easiest way to make use of this space is to have a entryway table. Choose a table with a rustic look, such as a wooden design with distressed  paint over it. Or choose a modern look, such as a table that has  welding work and glass, whichever suites your home best. Once you choose your table, this is were you can get creative with adding art pieces to complete your look. Find an object to frame or just find a beautiful painting to hang above your table.

From here add some picture frames, lamps for lighting, and  maybe a decorative storage box to go on your table; a storage box would be the perfect place for you to put your mail when you first walk in. This look is all about comfort and giving yourself and your guest the atmosphere to achieve it.

Need a wow factor?

If you have a wall in your house that you have no idea what to do with,  there’s an easy fix. Place an art piece on the wall or maybe a picture. I would suggest for this space using a canvas painting or a picture printed on cavase. Either way, placing a canvas art piece on this wall with help you add some depth with it come off the wall and add a pop of color.

Another way to “get creative” is doing an accent wall. This means to paint the wall a different color than the room already is. Doing this will change the whole look of this space.

When deciding which wall to paint, usually look at the wall your fire place is on or where you have your main couch placed in front of. If you are going to paint the wall behind your couch, once you finish just simply place one or two framed art pieces to complete this look.  Go with a framed art piece that is simple and not too busy.

The laundry room can be your favorite room.

The laundry room is a space that I am daring everyone to be so proud of, you’ll be showing it off. This room is typically the “cleaning room” where you store all of your cleaning supplies and probably things that are taking up space and can just be thrown away.
Here is a simple way to fix this area to make it more approachable. One: Make sure you have shelving. Then buy a couple of storage cubes. I would suggest going with a natural brown, woven storage cube. This would look best go against a light colored wall.
Once you have nicely organized your selves and made use of your new storage cubes, then I would look at placing some sort of flat surface in your laundry room. If you have front-loading laundry machines, you can have a table top installed right above. If not, look at getting a side table. Once you have your table top, simply put some decorative art pieces on top, and your new and improved laundry room is complete.

Get Creative
Changes That Will Make a Difference in Every Room

Written by: Brittany K. Wyche

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