Skin Care for Summer Air

5 Simple Steps to Give Your Skin a Boost Before Summer Hits

Ready or not, warmer weather is coming. If your skin is dull, dry, and lifeless from the colder months, you can revamp your skin from head to toe with a little extra attention to what your body needs to get your skin summertime ready. This year, don’t dread showing skin; look forward to it!


Hydrate Your Skin from the Inside Out

The first step to having hydrated skin is to make sure your water intake is in check. Drinking around 64 ounces of water per day is beneficial for your overall health as it’s the amount of fluids your body needs to function properly. Another easy addition you can make to hydrate your skin is to boost your Omega-3s. Try adding flax seed, salmon, and walnuts to your diet or at the minimum taking an Omega-3 supplement.


Aid Your Skin Cells with Antioxidants

Antioxidants help to slow and prevent free-radical damage and reduce inflammation. As you can guess, these babies will help to keep your skin looking bright and youthful too. Focus on adding a variety of antioxidant-rich foods to your diet. Among other fruits and veggies, berries are power houses when it comes to antioxidants. Nuts, legumes, and dark chocolate offer antioxidant-boosting benefits as well.



If you’ve still been hiding in baggy winter clothes and putting off your exercise routine, it’s time to break out your gym shoes, at least for your skin’s sake. Exercise increases circulation, which helps boost your skin to a more glowing state. Sweating, which causes your pores to dilate, is also a great way to expel trapped dirt and oil. However, save your make up for after your workout. It’s important to have clear skin while working out to avoid clogged pores, which lead to breakouts.


Get a Spray tan or Try a Tinted Moisturizer

In case you haven’t heard, tanning beds and any extended exposure to UV rays are harmful to your skin, and unfortunately this is the go-to mechanism for many trying to get their skin ready for summer. However, there are great alternatives that aren’t so harmful to your skin. Spray tans are an excellent way to get a great tan, but be sure to follow your sunless tan provider’s steps and aftercare to avoid discoloration. Tinted moisturizers are also an excellent way to build up a natural looking glow.


Treat Yourself

If you’ve never had a facial, the beginning of summer is a great time to give your face a treat. A good facial cleanse helps to exfoliate and nourish your skin, which in turn promotes clear, well-hydrated, and younger looking skin.


What’s the Deal with Differin

Dermatologists have been prescribing retinoid products for years, not only for their acne-fighting benefits, but also as an anti-aging mechanism. However, finally on the market is a product that is still prescription strength, but without the prescription. Differin Gel is available over the counter and contains 0.1 percent adapalene — a retinoid dermatologists have prescribed to over 40 million people globally for more than 20 years. You can try Differin Gel out for yourself by making a trip to your pharmacy (try Walgreens or CVS) and spending about $13. Just make sure you’re buying the product that is clearly labeled as having the 0.1 percent adapalene.

Skin Care for Summer Air

5 Simple Steps to Give Your Skin a Boost Before Summer Hits

Health & Life | March/April 2017

Written by: Sarah Turner

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