Southern Style – Simple, Fresh, Timeless

The natural, laid-back style of South Georgia has some hot trendy hot topics that will make anyone envious. From the Farm Kitchen sink, to the rustic style for a natural beauty look. Country style living is the definition of comfort and relaxation. It seems to be that everyone is embracing rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities, like the barn door to name one. Here are three of the top southern styles that are a must have.

Farm House Sink

The farmhouse sink is without a question becoming a must have in all southern homes. Lets be honest, how many people wash dishes now-a-days. We all use the dishwasher, right? Now once we do wash something it is usually something big. Or we use our sink to fill up flower pots with water or maybe give your newborn a bath! Well having a farmhouse sink is practical for all those reasons. This style of sink is much deeper integrated sink than people are use too. Which is perfect do all of your BIG washing and also it hides the dirty dishes when company is over.

Having a farmhouse sink definitely has it’s advantages but to install it is a hole other conversation. You will need to have some professional help when it comes to recreating the space of your kitchen sink, but I would say I believe it is well worth it!


Modern Sliding Barn Door

Stylish sliding doors have flair to spare. From rustic to polished, they give rooms a dramatic and distinctive look. The sliding barn door can be the best choice when it comes to tight places in your home. If you are squeezing by when opening a door because there isn’t enough space then sliding barn door is the answer to all your problems. Barn doors open up floor space and add character to the space. It is a practical solutions to not having space for a swinging door. The most common place for a barn door to be installed is for the bathroom door. The bathroom is usually in a narrow hall way or in a inconvenient corner. Not only is this look genius but it is gorgeous. If you don’t have space issues within your house, just adding a barn door is a beautiful southern style setting to any room.

Rustic Style

Rustic style is a design emphasis on rugged, natural beauty. This Design embraces nature-inspired textures. There are many ways to add this look to your home.

I love this style of design, one because it is easy to do and secondly it is cost efficient. You can achieve this look by using wood from crates. Usually you can get creates from any business that receives a delivery of some sort. Crates are almost always thrown away or used for fires, up until a couple of years ago when all of these crafty ideas came about.

Once you get a hold of wooden crates, you will have a endless opportunity to use it. You can research almost anything when it comes to making home decor. This is a great way and a rustic feel to any area in you home.


Southern Style

Simple, Fresh, Timeless

Written by: Brittany K. Wyche

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