Overcoming Obesity: Comprehensive Care in Your Weight Loss Journey

If only it was always as simple as eating less and working out more.

In a culture with a growing rate of obesity and an equivalent number of weight-loss tips to combat that trend, Sterling Center Bariatrics in Moultrie, Georgia and now Valdosta, Georgia as well, is taking extensive action beyond simple advice. The Sterling Center Bariatrics team provides the professional expertise, medical procedures, and emotional support throughout every step of every patient’s weight loss journey.

“Many weight loss programs are simply band-aids that don’t address the root problem of obesity: it’s an unhealthy relationship, an emotional attachment, with sugar and starch,” said Jody Young, Certified Weight Management Counselor for Sterling Center Bariatrics.
This is no magical pill, no magical surgery, nor a magical cure to solve obesity, but what is the answer? It’s recognizing the severity and nature of the problem, seeking professional help, and committing to a course of action that will result in a change in lifestyle.

While diet and exercise are crucial elements to weight loss, the overly simplistic view of “calories in, calories out” fails to address the pain, discomfort, embarrassment, and limitations experienced by obese individuals.
“These patients feel isolated; they are trapped in their own obesity because of not only how society judges them, but also because of what they are physically able to do,” Young expressed.

Many times these efforts need a jump-start. Obese individuals who have failed to lose and keep off weight through diet and exercise can significantly benefit from a medical procedure, each targeted toward helping people eat less by helping them feel full and less hungry.

“Surgery and our many other procedures become necessary when individuals need something that’s a little more powerful than they are to help them control it and to stop it,” Young explained. “However, it is not the magic answer on its own. Having a complete, comprehensive program that understands both the technical and emotional elements is crucial for creating a lasting life change.”

Sterling Center Bariatrics opened up their new Valdosta office to complement their original efforts in Moultrie, expanding its influence and impact in an underserved region, and ultimately to provide professional, comprehensive solutions to obesity.
Each patient and case is different, so the proper path to weight loss is assessed and advised, but this too is not a decision to make on your own. In addition to Jody, the team at Sterling Center Bariatrics consists of physicians, dietitians, and Weight-Loss Coach Blake Williams.

Because while the initial procedure is an important kick-start for obese patients, it is the aftercare that is the most important piece of any bariatric process.

“We set the expectations up front,” Young said confidently. “A lot of practices will just do the surgery and then say, ‘Okay, we’ll see you in six months,’ but at Sterling Center Bariatrics, we see you every month, or every two weeks, or as often as we need to. It may not always mean that something technical needs to happen, those things may be fine, but the mental aspect or the meal planning or if they are just having a tough time in their life, we are always there for extra support during those times.”

In addition to the one-on-one access and attention provided to every patient, Young and the Sterling Bariatrics team host support groups for anyone that is considering or is already undergoing this process. Topics often revolve around coping with side effects, the importance of exercise, healthy habits, battling against depression, and weight loss plateaus and regain. These support groups are a great way to relate to others who are walking on a similar path, but they also exist to assist in achieving lasting results.

“I just love seeing someone change, get back to doing things that they haven’t been able to do, and really just get their life back,” Young said with a smile. “I don’t care as much about the size or if they ever reach their goal weight, but seeing a mom be able to get on the floor and play with the kids, or seeing someone extend their life so much that they are able to see their kids walk down the aisle and get married, that’s what is important.”

Genetic predisposition does not equal an irreversible destiny, and your present obesity does not have to affect the quality of life for your future. For more information about what it takes to overcome obesity and how Sterling Center Bariatrics can help, contact our team today or visit http://www.sterlingbariatrics.com.

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